Strawberry and Black Pepper Icecream | Eggless | Egg Free

Strawberry Eggless Icecream

Long before I came vegetarian I loved to make icecream. I was pretty famous in our little group for my vanilla icecream, and an orange and cardamom icecream. I loved to make them in Summer. Then I became vegetarian and my take on vegetarianism does not include eggs. So I stopped making icecream. I could have continued to make sorbets, which we all love too, and shift over to eggless icecreams, but I didn’t have the heart. I was so attached to the icecreams that I used to make and how much my friends loved them.

Today (as I write this) for the first time in all those years, the icecream machine has come out of the cupboard again, and the blender has whizzed some strawberries into submission, to make what must be the best icecream I have made in decades! Hahaha.

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Strawberry Eggless Icecream

Strawberry and Black Pepper Icecream | Eggless

300g strawberries (or use raspberries)
125g castor sugar
50ml cream
2 cups plain yoghurt (500ml)
0.5 Tblspn lemon juice
0.5 – 1 tspn crushed or coarse ground black pepper

Wash the strawberries and puree them with the sugar, 0.5 tspn black pepper, cream and yoghurt. Taste, and if needed, add the lemon juice and more black pepper. Mix very well.

Switch on your icecream maker and add the mixture. Proceed to make the icecream according to the directions of your icecream maker.

Store in the freezer, and consume within 1 – 2 days.


recipe notes and alternatives
Is your eggless icecream too hard? To keep your icecream softer, don’t skimp on the sugar, make sure you use full fat ingredients, and add just a touch of alcohol – kirsch is good for fruit icecreams. Not too much, or it won’t set, and it will add to the iciness of the icecream. Begin with a Tblspn and go up to 3 Tblspns per litre.

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