Curry Leaf Kuzhambu | Karuveppilai Kuzhambu

Curry Leaf Kuzhambu

Kuzhambu is made daily in Tamil households, and has hundreds of varieties. It is basically a spicy broth that can but might not include vegetables and it is spooned or poured over rice as it is eaten.

This Kuzhambu is one that is tamarind based and is strongly flavoured with curry leaves.  There are many different recipes for this dish – I hope you enjoy this one.

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Curry Leaf Kuzhambu

Curry Leaf Kuzhambu | Karuveppilai Kuzhambu


dry roast until fragrant and grind to a powder
5 Indian dried red chillies
1 tspn black peppercorns
1 large pinch asafoetida powder
2 tspn urad dal
1.5 tspn uncooked rice

35 curry leaves
small piece of tamarind, soaked in a little warm water then strained, pulp pushed through strainer and saved with the water – fibres and seeds discarded

2 cups water
sea salt to taste

1 Tblspn ghee
1 tspn brown mustard seeds
0.25 tspn fenugreek seeds
1 Indian dried red chilli, pinched

Blend in a blender or spice grinder the toasted and ground spices, curry leaves and tamarind. Blend to a fine paste.

Mix the paste with 2 cups water and season with salt to taste. Bring the kuzhambu to a simmer in a kadhai or saucepan.

Heat the ghee in a tadka pan and add the mustard seeds. Allow to splutter then add the fenugreek seeds and pinched dried chilli. Pour all over the kuzhambu and simmer until it thickens.

Serve hot with rice that has ghee mixed through it, and/or poppadoms. It goes well with idli and dosai too.

recipe notes and alternatives
If you like, you can saute onions and garlic and add to the Kuzhambu.

Add 0.25 tspn jaggery if you wish.

At the end of Autumn I toast and dry excess curry leaves and grind to a powder.  The powder can be used to make this kuzhambu.

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