No More Words


I’ve been blogging since 1995, and have loved every minute. My interest is food and culture, ingredients and combinations. These things have driven my passion rather than the finer and technical details of cooking and presenting. I call myself a rustic cook, throwing into a dish spoonfuls of my own powders and pastes to layer flavour, or heaping handfuls of herbs on top of a dish. I love to bake in terracotta and cook in clay pots. I love the early morning silence of the kitchen and the hubbub that develops during the day.


I have blogged through study times and working times, the young family times, through the end-of-marriage times, through the alone times and friends time. I have blogged through children leaving home and living overseas. Through the next generation arriving and through them growing up. I have blogged through four different residences in 3 different cities, through setting up my own business and working hard at it.


I began blogging when it was relatively unknown, and each post was coded by hand in html. There were no photographs (oh what joy!), and no fancy formatting. It was more of a newsletter, with recipes in large files that were updated monthly. Each month I would email out a notification of the update. I’d have added a dozen or so recipes to the different files, and listed them with food information and food thoughts on the front page which changed each month. I put together unsophisticated online cookbooks for download, and large food dictionaries. There wasn’t much else like it at the time, and it had a large global following.


I became interested in Indian culture and food, and became vegetarian. Blogging platforms arrived, and the blog changed. Today I have 2,066 recipes on this blog either published or waiting to be published, all vegetarian.

But I have run out of words. My life has changed, is changing and the passion to craft recipes, photograph and write is no longer there. As a result of COVID19AU we are eating simpler, less, and mostly our favourite recipes rather than new ones. And I found that I don’t want this to change. There is a quietness now, without the pressure of the blog, that I want to keep.


It is unlikely that I will stop cooking, exploring food and sharing information. It is likely that I will still want to share recipes and insights. I might still be on social media, thinking about food. But all of it will be in a less formal, less structured, and less time consuming way. There is still a lot that I want to cook, but in my own time.


Please, take a copy of your favourite recipes

I have enough scheduled posts to keep the blog open for another 6 months, maybe longer. So before this blog closes its doors, please take a copy of your favourite recipes.

10 thoughts on “No More Words”

  1. I know you as Ganga108. I just joined following you, maybe two or three months ago and was very, very attracted to your recipes. I could tell there was much more behind them, they are deeply infused with love and caring and passion for what you love. I am so sad you are leaving, happy for your new life to emerge into something I’m sure will be wonderful. This time we are in has taken on so many forms for us to find our truth, because it has become difficult to find truth outside of ourselves. You certainly are walking into yours and your spirit surely will soar I feel. You would have it no other way. Your life story is precious and real and I thank you for sharing your HEART! I send lots of love and light in your path and to those you love and to the this entirely gorgeous world that was created for loving, cooking, eating and enjoying the fruits and veggies of the Divine God and Goddess. I feel your journey may just be getting started Ganga108. Keep your heart open and your passion free as the spirit that ignited your flame into this manifestation will lead you into something more, something your heart is beckoning for. Much love and blessings to you and thank you for sharing your love in food. I will surely follow your advice and find the recipes that call out to me and put them in my library. Each time I see them, I will remember this moment.

  2. So sad to see you stop, but definitely understand why. Your blog is amazing and I’ve made so many of your recipes and so I’ll keep a bunch of them for my family. Thank you for sharing your passion of food with all of us for so many years and I wish you so much happiness and wisdom ahead. Cheers 🥂

    1. Thanks for the ideas posted here. They have lead me to interesting things, always exposing me to new ideas, which is great.

      But please don’t take the web site down. Make it an archive so that others can stumble across it in future years.

      –STeve Andre’

  3. I have been following your blog way back from when I was blogging. My own blog has been dormant for years now, and while I understand the sentiment of discontinuing your posts, would you be able to keep the blog up and running please? There is so much lovely content here that can stay forever even if you chose not to add something new.

    Cheers and regards!

  4. I only found your wonderful blog this year. A quarter of a century blogging is a pretty rare feat. I’ve followed you on Facebook & Instagram, but find social media to be a bit stream of consciousness for my infrequent visits. I hope you’ll consider keeping the blog open as an invaluable resource.

  5. Sad to see you go, totally understand after so many years of dedicated work. Please archive the site! This is a very valuable resource for those exploring Indian cuisine. I’ve learned so much, and come back to this site for reference every few days at this point.

  6. Ah Ganga, I can understand the phrase you are going through. I have always enjoyed our interaction with food and many things related to Indian cuisine. Your website is a treasure trove for many and is a valuable asset to those wanting to learn from scratch!..Glad to know all is well and am sure you will be back with more..:)

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