A Quick, Simple Cheese and Greens Salad

A Quick, Simple Cheese and Greens Salad

This is a perfect evening salad, reminiscent of a cheese and greens plate – so much so that you will find yourself wanting to eat it with crackers! It is simple and quick, yet utterly delicious.

I don’t often advise buying bags of mixed lettuce leaves but sometimes it is the easiest and cheapest way to bring a salad together. Here I use mesclun, but any mix will work. If you have some watercress leaves, radicchio or Belgian Endive, add some of those too.

Top with toasted nuts or seeds. Walnuts are great – I generally keep a bowl of two of unshelled walnuts in the kitchen just to add to dishes as needed. But other nuts will work easily as well – pistachios, pecans, hazelnuts, for example. Or sunflower seeds, pepitas or other seeds.

Then drizzle with just a little walnut or hazelnut oil with even less lemon juice. Voila! A salad.

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A Quick, Simple Cheese and Greens Salad

A Quick, Simple Cheese and Greens Salad

Grab a bag of mixed salad greens, often called Mesclun, and layer on a flat’ish salad plate. Add shavings of semi-hard cheese to the salad greens – English style cheeses work well here. Cheddar is good – I used Amber Mist today! Even Italian parmesan or pecorino cheeses work well. Use what you have available (but not hard, old cheese).

Sprinkle dried cranberries or barberries over the salad (this is optional but adds nice colour) and then top with toasted walnut halves.

Drizzle with a little walnut oil and lemon juice.

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