Banana Porridge with Glazed Apples, Golden Syrup and Passionfruit

 Banana Porridge with Glazed Apples, Golden Syrup and Passionfruit

Glazed apples are delicious and endlessly versatile. We have made them before, and used them to top porridge. They can also be used to top any pudding, syrupy cakes or endless desserts. Sit atop some junket, for example. Or over icecream, with grilled banana, on top of a fruit salad, topping a bowl of yoghurt. Any way you like.

Bill Grainger in his book Sydney Food has glazed apples with Banana Porridge. We hinted at it in our last recipe.  Today we get more specific about how to make that porridge, with our own twist, of course. It really is delicious, and so Australian!

One of the major changes is that we have added passionfruit. It is a very Australian thing, but also the sour notes of the passionfruit cut through the sweetness of the apples and porridge.

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Porridge with thick yoghurt Recipe

Banana Porridge with Glazed Apples, Golden Syrup and Passionfruit

1 cup rolled oats
1.5 cups boiling water
1 cup milk
pinch salt
1 Tblspn brown sugar, jaggery or palm sugar
2 Tblspns Golden Syrup or Maple Syrup
1 banana, finely sliced

to garnish
glazed apples (see below)
pulp from 2 passionfruit

Place the oats with the boiling water in a medium saucepan and stir to combine. Let them sit for 10 mins.

Add the remaining ingredients to the oats in the saucepan and stir well. Bring slowly to the boil over medium heat, then reduce heat to a simmer and cook for 10 more minutes. Stir often.  The bananas will almost dissolve into the porridge.

While the porridge is cooking, make the glazed apples (see below).

When the porridge is cooked, let it sit, covered, for 2 or 3 mins before serving.

Serve topped with the glazed apples, extra golden syrup and the passionfruit pulp. Serve a jug of warm milk on the side if desired.

 Banana Porridge with Glazed Apples, Golden Syrup and Passionfruit

recipe notes and alternatives
Also good with the porridge and apples – fresh blueberries (indeed any berry with a little tartness) and/or thick yoghurt.

Porridge with thick yoghurt Recipe

Butter Glazed Apples

Slice apples about 0.25cm thickness. A mandoline is good for this. There is no need to peel or core, although you can. The seeds are sliced so thinly that they will just fall out.

Melt some butter in a frying pan. Add apple slices, sprinkle them with sugar and cook in the butter until golden. Turn them over and cook the other side.

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