Methi Sprouts Tambuli | Fenugreek Sprouts with Yoghurt and Coconut

Methi Sprouts Tambuli | Fenugreek Sprouts with Yoghurt and Coconut

Tambuli (or Thambuli, Tambli or Tumbuli) is a type of Pachadi from Karnataka that is normally eaten with rice. Tambuli is derived from Kannada word thampu, meaning cool/cold – it is a Summery cooling food. Generally it is made from vegetables by chopping or grinding them with spices, then mixing them with yoghurt. Generally the ingredients are used raw, but as we see today, they can be lightly sauteed.

Many different seasonal vegetables and herbs are used in the preparation of tambulis, such as doddapatre leaves (ajwain leaves), coriander leaves, poppy seeds, curry leaves and vegetables like greens, carrots and beetroot. It is generally mild and not too spicy.

Today’s Tambuli is made with fenugreek seeds (which you can grow yourself), quickly sauteed with the tempered spices, and added to the spice-coconut-yoghurt mixture.

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Methi Sprouts Tambuli | Fenugreek Sprouts with Yoghurt and Coconut

Methi Sprouts Tambuli | Fenugreek Sprouts with Yoghurt and Coconut

0.75 cup yoghurt
2 Tblspn sprouted fenugreek seeds (see recipe)
sea salt to taste

to roast and grind
0.5 tspn ajwain seeds
1 tspn cumin seeds
6 black peppercorns
2 Indian dried red chillies, or to taste
6 – 8 curry leaves
0.25 cup coconut (fresh or frozen)

0.25 tspn turmeric powder

2 tspn ghee
0.5 tspn black mustard seeds
1 tspn urad dal
pinch asafoetida
6 curry leaves

If sprouting the fenugreek seeds, soak 1 tspn fenugreek seeds in water overnight, then drain and cover lightly. The sprouts will take between 12 and 36 hours to grow to a suitable length, depending on the seeds and the weather.

Dry roast the ingredients under to roast and grind together, except the coconut. Dry roast the spices until golden and aromatic, and the coconut until just turning golden brown. Cool, and grind them to a powder.

Mix the spice powder and turmeric with the yoghurt, beating until the yoghurt is smooth. Now make a tadka by heating the ghee in a tadka pan and popping the mustard seeds. As they stop popping, add the urad dal and then the asafoetida. When the urad dal is golden, add the curry leaves and the fenugreek sprouts. Saute the sprouts until soft yet still with some crispness.

Add the tadka to the yoghurt mixture and serve.

recipe notes and alternatives
Coriander leaves can be added to the yoghurt mix.


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