Menthe Dose | Methi Dosa | Fenugreek Seeds Dosa

Menthe Dose | Methi Dosa | Fenugreek Seeds Dosa

Today we have a soft and porous dosa recipe that is simply made with rice and fenugreek seeds. It is a very easy and comforting dosa recipe that can be served with coconut chutney, tomato chutney, curry leaves chutney or sambar, or with ghee and sugar. I love this dosa with Golden Syrup as well!

By the way, it is a great Summer dish as fenugreek has strong cooling properties.

It is a very healthy dosa, but it comes with a couple of gotcha’s. Firstly, it should be well fermented, or it will be bitter from the fenugreek and hard in texture – it needs a good 12 hours of fermentation at a warm room temperature. It’s the fermentation that moderates the bitterness. The second is to heat the tawa before adding ghee, otherwise the dosa will stick. Best to use a non-stick tawa. And finally, don’t add too much ghee, just enough, otherwise the dosa will still stick.

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Menthe Dose | Methi Dosa | Fenugreek Seeds Dosa

Menthe Dose | Methi Dosa | Fenugreek Seeds Dosa

this recipe will make around 4 or 5  dosa. Scale up to make more.

1 cup raw rice / dosa rice
3 – 6 tspn fenugreek seeds
sea salt to your taste

Rinse the rice well, then soak with the fenugreek seeds for 4 – 8 hours.

Drain the rice and grind to a smooth thick batter with just enough water. Pour into a bowl or dish, cover, and leave to ferment for 12 hours.

Now add salt to taste; it can be thinned with a little water if desired. Some people like the batter to be like idli batter – thicker than dosa batter – others prefer it a little thinner, about milkshake thickness. I like it on the thinner end – easier to spread when cooking.

Heat your tawa or dosa pan and grease with ghee – use a non-stick pan if possible. Add a ladle full of batter, then swirl it from the centre with the bottom of the ladle to spread the batter and make the tell-tale dosa pattern. Cook until browned on one side, and flip it over if desired. Or cook it, covered, until browned on one side – the other side will be cooked sufficiently well. Fold in half and serve.

recipe notes and alternatives
0.25 tspns of urad dal can be added per cup of rice.



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