100 Vegetables: #72. Okra

Okra with Yoghurt

Okra is a more recent love of ours, discovered when we moved into a very diverse neighbourhood where many of Middle Eastern, Indian and Afghani inhabitants use okra often. Our local greengrocer stocks crates of them each season.

You can browse all of our Okra recipes. And check out our 100 Vegetable Series.



Sauteed Okra with Ginger and Garlic

Sautéed Okra with Ginger, Garlic and Coriander Leaves

Yoghurt Curry with Okra

Okra Curry with Yoghurt

Okra Patia

Parsi Okra with Tomatoes - Okra Patia

Okra Sambar

Vendakkai Sambar

Crispy Battered Okra

Battered Okra with Tomato Sauce and Herb Oil

Okra and Cauliflower Pakora

Okra and Cauliflower Pakora

Stuffed Okra

Stuffed Okra | Bharwan Bhindi

Okra Stuffed with Onions and Spices

Whole Okra Stuffed with Onions and SPices

Baked Okra in Dukkah

Baked Okra in Dukkah

Baked Okra with Tomato and Ginger

Baked Okra with Ginger and Tomato

Roast Okra with Tomatoes and Lemon

Roasted Okra with Tomatoes and Coriander Seed

Charred Okra with Tomato Barley

Charred Okra with Spiced Tomato Barley


Uppadam | Okra Kuzhambu with Sundakkai Vatral

Okra and Potatoes

Aloo Bhindi | Potato and Okra Sabzi

Bhindi Subzi

Bhindi Subzi | Okra with Spices

Vegetables with Indian Flavours

Vegetables with Indian Flavours

Sri Lankan Okra Curry

Sri Lankan Okra Curry with Coconut Milk

Crispy Okra Pachadi

Char Grilled Rice Stuffed Vine Leaves with Crispy Dried Okra Pachadi

Okra Raita

Bhindi Raita | Okra Raita



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