Breakfast Rice and Raisin Porridge

Breakfast Rice and Raisin Porridge

I am not much of a breakfast eater, and in general prefer the savoury options common in Northern and Eastern Europe, and those of India and S.E. Asia, to the sweet and sickly options of the West English speaking countries. Don’t get me wrong, I love a true French croissant with jam, and sometimes pancakes with honey (or sugar and lemon juice). I even have a large container full of my overnight oats mix on standby for mornings when I am super hungry as there is no other cereal in the house. But mostly we either skip the morning meal or prefer something more savoury. Even the overnight oats is unsweetened beyond the dried fruit and dried citrus that it contains.

This breakfast, however, is a little sweet – it has raisins in it – but is rice based, so that is a plus. It is for the days that I do crave some sweetness. Rice is ground to a coarse mix then cooked with the dried fruit. Cinnamon is added to bring a warm sweetness to the dish. You can sweeten it more with your sweetener of choice – I’ve always loved Golden Syrup. It is also great with spiced glazed apples or poached oranges and vanilla ricotta.

Rice porridge is mostly made for breakfast but in this house, it can be eaten at any time of the day. It is a great Winter dessert when your cupboards are bare. Rice and raisins – there isn’t anything more simple. Top with cream and fruit.

This dish can also be made savoury – omit the raisins and cook with Indian spices. Gorgeous. Use spices that you might use for Upma. Top with cashew nuts sauteed in ghee.

You need a high speed blender to make this dish.

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Breakfast Rice and Raisin Porridge

Breakfast Rice and Raisin Porridge

Using your Dry Blade in a high speed mixer, blend 0.5 cup raw rice (start at the lowest speed, then turn to 7 or 8) for about 10 seconds or until it reaches your desired degree of fineness.

Heat 2 cups water with sea salt to taste (about 0.25 tspn). When boiling, add the cracked rice to the water while stirring constantly with a wire whisk.

Simmer, covered, for 8 – 10 mins over a low heat, then add 0.5 cups raisins, sultanas or other dried fruit, and a pinch or two of cinnamon. Mix well and remove from the heat.

Cover and let stand for 5 mins before serving.

Sweeten as desired – sugar, jaggery, honey, golden syrup are all good options. I prefer mine with ample golden syrup drizzled over the top.

Serve with cream if you wish, or milk, or creamy ricotta cheese (all optional). It is really good with diced fruits and topped with passionfruit.

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