Sweetcorn, Spring Onion and Chilli Pancakes

Corn, Spring Onion and Chilli Pancakes

Goodness, how good are these sweetcorn pancakes! They make the perfect weekend breakfast or lazy Sunday lunch. I would also make them for an eat-in-front-of-netflix weekend evening meal with a green salad, or, heaven forbid, some chips with spicy mayo.

It’s based on an Ottolenghi recipe. I have made it egg-free with my usual replacement for eggs in dishes like this. That is – chickpea flour, cream and eno or baking soda. Recently I have changed the ratio I use – 5 rounded Tblspn chickpea flour + 1 large Tblspn cream + 0.25 tspn eno per egg. You can use less flour of course, but don’t leave out the cream. It adds beautiful texture. If you are vegan you might like to play around with some vegan cream, perhaps. If you want to see Ottolenghi’s original recipe, check his books or Guardian website.

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Corn, Spring Onion and Chilli Pancakes

Corn, Spring Onion and Chilli Pancakes

6 corn cobs
0.5 Tblspn olive oil
6 spring onions, finely chopped
1 green chilli
1 tspn ground cumin
0.5 tspn turmeric powder
1.5 tspn soft brown sugar
10 rounded Tblspn chickpea flour
2 Tblspn cream
0.5 tspn eno or 0.25 tspn baking soda
sea salt and white pepper
ghee or other cooking oil
2 limes, cut into wedges

Put a ridged griddle pan on high heat until smoking. Brush one sweetcorn with oil and char-grill for five minutes, turning regularly, until charred all over. Set aside. When cool enough, cut the smoky corn off its cob.

With a sharp knife, separate the kernels from the other five cobs and put them in the bowl of a food processor. Add half the spring onion and the green chilli, and blitz to a fairly smooth paste or puree – add some water as necessary.

Remove the mixture to a bowl and add the cumin powder, sugar, chickpea flour, cream, eno and sea salt and black pepper to taste. Add the chickpea flour, sweetcorn kernels and the remaining spring onion. Mix well.  Add enough water to make a batter as thick as a good pancake mix. Let the mixture sit for 15 mins.

Heat a large frying pan and 3 – 4 Tblspn ghee or oil. Add a Tblspn or so of batter, push it down into a pancake shape and cook on medium heat until golden brown on each side. Remove to kitchen paper towel and cook the rest, adding ghee or oil as necessary.

Serve warm with the lime wedges.

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