Okra Pachadi | Okra with Coconut-Chilli-Ginger Yoghurt

Okra Pachadi

We are so blessed that we get good quality okra locally at a cheap price. Move closer to the city and it is rare and expensive. Our local shops stock it by the barrel load, a testament to the local Indian, Nepalese and Middle Eastern communities. I had never used Okra as much before I shifted into this area. It shows just how much that the stock in our shops influences our behaviour.

This is another Pachadi, a South Indian dish of yoghurt, okra and spices, a cooling and healthy dish. I have a few other Okra raita dishes – each one is a little different.

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Okra Pachadi

Okra Pachadi | Okra with Coconut-Chilli-Ginger Yoghurt

175g okra
2 cups Indian yoghurt
2 green chillies
small piece ginger
0.5 bunch coriander leaves
4 tspns grated coconut, use fresh or frozen
sea salt to taste
0.5 tspn brown mustard seeds
2 tspn ghee

Gently rinse and dry the okra. Trim the tops, and slice into thin round pieces.

Pop the mustard seeds in the ghee then add the okra slices and fry. Set aside.

Grind the coconut, green chillies and ginger to a fine paste and mix this into the yoghurt with sea salt to taste.

Just before serving add the fried okra with the mustard seeds and ghee to the yoghurt and mix well. Top with coriander leaves.

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