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bread, cheese, olives and oil

curry, tea, gardening and coffee

living, observing, thinking, doing

photographing things

Food Matters was a site that I ran for many many years. 11 years. you may remember it. it really had been around for a long time. it was a blog before blogs were created. unsupported by technology.

it was the album of my life, cast in food and recipes, from the early 1990’s until recent years. and, yes, it had a bit of a cult following. and thousands of recipes, all personally cooked, mostly in my own kitchen.

in August, 2007 I finally closed that site and entered the world of blogging. there are now other sites called Food Matters. not related to me or this new chapter of my food writing.

life has changed, and now there is not so much time for food and writing and cooking and cameras and all of those delicious things that used to cradle my world.

as life goes on, time becomes shorter. but maybe, just maybe, I can squeeze in a minute or two to share with you some of my old recipes and many of my new thoughts.

i hope that you stay and let me cook for you. Eat well. Stay healthy. Enjoy.

aum shanti