100 Vegetables: #36. Chilli Leaves

Chilli leaves were a great find in our local shops. They are delicious with an earthy flavour. They can be used in any dish with greens.

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Chilli Leaf Sambar | Keerai Sambar

Occasionally the local Asian shop has Chilli Leaves and we are always excited to bring a bunch home. We have a few favourite ways of using them – they are so unusual in Australia. One of our favourite ways is to make a Chilli Leaf Sambar. It is a standard sambar with an onion tadka, into which the cooked leaves are stirred. The flavours are allowed to develop and the sambar is served with rice.

I have topped it with melted ghee mixed with some Indian chilli powder for a spicy lift to the dish. This isn’t necessary, but a small pat of ghee on top of the sambar makes a delightful finishing touch.

This sambar can be made with Mustard Greens, Drumstick leaves or Amaranth Greens too.

Similar recipes include Khar, Sarson ka Saag, and Chilli Leaves with Peas.

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