Ridged Gourd Masiyal | Peerkankai Masiyal

Masiyal is a South Indian dish made from dal and vegetables. It can be made with toor dal or a mixture of toor dal and mung dal. It can contain tamarind, and it always includes a lot of vegetables. However, there are no powdered spices used. Instead it is seasoned with a few selected spices which often include fenugreek. This recipe, however, is unusual in that it contains neither fenugreek nor tamarind.

The recipe is another from the doyen of TamBram cooking from South India, Meenakshi Ammal, in the first volume of Cook and See. It is in the chapter of Poritha Kuzhambu, and is one member of the family of toor dal based vegetable dishes. (Occasionally green gram dal – mung dal – is used in place of toor dal, or a mixture of the two dals is used.)

This same recipe can be made with green leaves – amaranth leaves, any greens, fenugreek leaves, radish tops, etc. I guess in these modern times we could use beetroot leaves too. You can make it thin as a Kuzhambu, or thick as a Koottu, depending on personal preference.

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Chinese Style Greens with Garlic and Sesame

If you are like me, you love a plate of greens now and again. And if they are straight from the vegetable garden, there is nothing better. This is an easy dish to whip up and is fragrant with the garlic and spring onions.

The recipe can be made with just the leaves, or, if you have an abundance of stems, it is also good made with just the chopped stems. But mostly, I mix the two.

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Green Salad with Raspberries, Walnuts and Blue Cheese

I’ve been longing for a green salad. Having made (and eaten) too many ANZAC Biscuits, we needed something to counterbalance that wonderful sweetness of the biscuits. This salad did it. It combines greens from the garden (use what you have at hand) with some soft raspberries, crunchy crushed walnuts and tangy blue cheese.

This is another wonderful salad from Bittman. I am over half way through the journey of making his 101 salads (at least, the vegetarian ones). Each one has been wonderful and this one is too.

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Escarole Salads with Millet and Chickpea Flour Pancake-Style Flatbread

Escarole, that slightly bitter green beloved of Italians, Barley Malt, a sweetener with a dark, grounded flavour and Ragi or millet flour all come together for a delicious meal.

Now I find the simplest and best way to use escarole is in salads, sliced into small but not too small pieces, and then laden with some cooked lentils, left over chickpea salad, cumquat pickles, halved tiny tomatoes, home-made mung bean sprouts, finely chopped herbs and lots of parmesan. (Use almost anything that you have ready in the fridge.)

Escarole LOVES parmesan so feel free to add grated or shaved parmesan.

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