Cooking Focaccia on the BBQ

The scent of bread wafting from the covered BBQ.

There is something so special about the scent of bread cooking – and when it is cooked in the BBQ the aroma floats from our balcony over to  our neighbour’s. I am sure they wonder what we were up to.

Cooking bread in the BBQ does produce a different texture than when you cook it in the oven, but it is gorgeous and so good and easy. Cook the focaccia first, and when you take it out, cook your other dishes in the BBQ as the bread cools.

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Pudla and Crispy Battered Onion Rings | Two Recipes using Chickpea Flour

Celebrating Chickpea Flour

I have to say, chickpea flour is the best! So versatile, if I was to be marooned on a desert island, it is one of the pantry ingredients that I would take with me. From the beautiful Farinata, to a stabliser in yoghurt curry, to crispy batters and fritter-like little dosas, it brings joy into the kitchen. Going by different names, you may recognise Chickpea Flour as Besan, or Gram Flour.

Make these two quick recipes in no time at all. They make a lovely sunny breakfast on the terrace – Pudla, Crispy Battered Onion Rings, Lentils, Tomatoes, Curd (yoghurt) and deep fried yoghurt dried chillies. Finish it off with a nice crispy, slightly sour apple.

Pudla is also called Cheela, Puda or Pooda, and there are versions from many parts of India. They are a fairly relaxed form of Dosa.

You might also like to try Crespeou (Eggfree), Chickpea Flour Socca, Farinata and Pudla, Pudla with Green Coriander, Chickpea Flour Pudla, or Chickpea Flour “Cakes” with Tomato Salsa.

Or try Okra and Cauliflower Pakora, Onion and Green Chilli Bhajji, and Vegetable Bhajji.

All Pudla recipes are here. And browse our Indian Recipes. Be inspired by our Early Spring recipes.

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Coconut Dosa | South Indian Coconut Flatbread

The making of dosa. A journey in itself.

Browse other Dosa recipes here, and other Indian Recipes here and here. Be inspired by our Autumn recipes here.

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How to Make English Crumpets

The perfect Sunday Breakfast.

In the midst of winter the English breakfast treat for any time of the day is the crumpet. But a crumpet is no longer a crumpet. If you buy them from the shops, they are now a thin piece of dough, getting more and more wafer like each year. Do you long for the thick, soft, wonderful crumpet of your youth?

You can make them at home. It is not hard. And with practice you will get a better looking crumpet. But you cannot beat them for taste.

You can also look for Crumpet Flour in your bulk health shop. It is a particularly fine textured flour.

This is the perfect recipe for a late Sunday breakfast. Perfect with peanut butter, with honey or with tomato and melted cheese.

But don’t keep them for breakfast. Eat them with soup, for midnight snacks and with wonderful cheesy baked vegetable dishes.

You might like to also try  Overnight Oats, Porridge, and Stove Top Scones.

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Bruschetta al Pomodoro | Tomato Bruschetta

Bread, tomato and olive oil, a classic combination.

Just as I finished saying to a friend that I did not like raw tomatoes, I realise that I love raw tomatoes. What I do not like are those limp wedges of tomatoes that sit on top of limp greens in a salad that has been left too long in the heat. Or soggy tomato sandwiches. People! Will you ever learn to look after your food!

So, I confess. I L O V E raw tomatoes. But you can keep the wilted greens with wilted tomato salad.

There is a thing about Autumn and tomatoes, I am now realising. Sometimes these things are in your consciousness, but far far down below, and it takes something to prod us to dredge the depths of the fourth dimension of consciousness and bring to the surface something we have always known.

I L O V E Autumn tomatoes. I love them cooked and I love them raw, maybe with a little sugar because they are past their sweetness peak. But they are still high in taste and delicious in eating.

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No Knead Focaccia | Bread in an Hour

Sensational Bread in an Hour

I am a great fan of the slow rise, no-knead bread that takes all day or more to prepare and cook. Not that there is much to do to the bread dough during that time, but sometimes, just sometimes, all that fore planning, well, you know…. you just want bread NOW. Fresh. Hot. Just out of the oven.

Well, it is possible.

This is another of the recipes I have made for many many years. It makes a great central piece to a Sunday lunch with friends or a Sunday dinner in front of the TV. We mostly make it flat, stretching the dough out to fit our pan, but it can be cooked as a small loaf, as you see from the pics.

Similar recipes include Schiacciata with Cheese Topping, Cooking Focaccia on the BBQ, and Rosemary Focaccia.

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Rosemary Focaccia

A beautiful focaccia from the experts.

The act of eating focaccia is traditional and almost primal – tearing pieces from a large focaccia slab, dipping it into oil or gravy, and relishing the flavours both baked into the focaccia and those which adorn it at the table. For years our special family dinners included a large focaccia that sat in the centre of the large table, with family helping themselves during the meal. It is also great to take on picnics.

Similar recipes include Schiacciata with Cheese Topping.

You might like to browse our Bread recipes, and perhaps our Italian recipes. Find inspiration in our Late Summer dishes.

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Pane di Prato | A Tuscan Bread

A wonderful, beautiful flavoured, light textured but very crusty bread.

I so rarely buy bread now. Except for some very special bread I might come across, and of course sourdough. And more recently the Afghan shop nearby has begun making their own flatbread. It’s just that we don’t eat bread much any more. Just occasionally we love to make our own. We don’t do it every week, mind you, although there have been times in my life where I have made bread several times per week – we had a rhythm going, and it was easy a log as we kept to the rhythm. The kids were younger then, and it was a good way to feed their constantly empty stomachs.

Mind you, I am no baker. A little too conceptual and impatient for that, but nevertheless we love this bread. I hope that you enjoy it.

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