Tomato and Basil Salad with Grilled Cheese Croutons

After a seasonal slow start to the tomato season this past Summer (poor setting of flowers all over Adelaide), as I write this in late, late Summer, they are ripening in abundance. How special that is – teeny little cherry tomatoes and little egg shaped ones, juiced, cooked, made into salads. Yum.

This salad, another from Bittman as I journey through his 101 salads, is a wonder – a toasted sandwich made into croutons, then mixed with the classic tomato and basil salad. How good is that! Combining 3 loves – basil, tomatoes and cheese toasties. I have added some green tomatoes to the salad, as I love their tang and use them whenever I can.

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Indian Toasties | Paneer Toast

A spicy toastie filled with paneer and tomato.

Bread doesn’t actually see the light of day very much in this household. It makes an occasional appearance, for guests, or for some recipe we are making. This week, as we had bread left over from that occasional appearance, we turned to Indian Toasties. This time, it is Paneer Toast.

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Indian Toasties | Stuffed Sandwiches with Potato and Peas

Sandwiches are serious business in India as snacks and street foods.

You have to love a country that is serious about its sandwiches. Italy with its open sandwich type bruschettas, laden with seasonal ingredients. France with their bountiful baguettes, and India with its spicy mixtures stuffed between layers of bread and often coated with chickpea batter before pan toasting or frying. India has a commitment to sandwiches as serious snacks and street food.

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Paneer Toasties | Paneer Toasted Sandwiches

Indian sandwiches are serious business, taking as much time and attention as some other dishes.

Indian sandwiches and toasties are serious business. Australia is different. Here, we throw sandwiches together quickly, little preparation is involved, they are quick solutions to satisfying hunger at home, work, school or on the road, on a picnic or at the beach.

In India, the fillings are constructed with as much thought and preparation as any other meal. Ingredients are made, other ingredients are sautéed, some are cooked, and then they all come together with chilli for a delicious meal-in-a-sandwich.

Enjoy this one. It is delicious.

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