Tre’s Date Loaf | A Cake Full of Love (No Eggs)

Tre is my Sister in Law’s sister, and a more generous and loving person you might not meet on this earth. A couple of years ago, in the mad mad lead-up to Xmas, I was holidaying on an island that is not very far from her place – just a ferry ride. It is a remote island without power, just gas bottles and solar energy, on a mountainous island with no amenities. Just beach. Water and sand. Small shacks on the hilltops. Privacy. Great views. No shops, parks or amusements of any kind. It was bliss.

Tre sent over, via ferry, a wonderful date loaf, so fresh it was still warm as it arrived, wrapped in foil and still in the tin. My heart melted. Such thoughtfulness and love in the midst of her family pre Xmas chaos. Not only that, as I returned from the island, refreshed and peaceful, she took me and my family into her house for 5 days of Xmas celebrations and cheer. My heart overflows.

This is Tre’s Date Cake. Easy, delicious and full of love.

We so rarely bake, there are no other cakes on this site to share with you!! In over 2,000 recipes – no cakes!!! 😱 🤨☹️

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Bannock | Scottish Girdle/ Griddle Oatcakes

Bannock, or Scottish Girdle (aka Griddle) Bread, is cooked in on a griddle or in a skillet from a simple dough. They can be cooked on the stove, on the BBQ or on a campfire! It is similar to a griddle baked scone – it has a fluffy centre that is slightly crumbly – and is best eaten with lashings of butter and jam. It can be cooked cut into circles, squares, wedges or left as a whole “bread”.

The word bannock comes from a Latin word that means “baked dough”. It originated in Scotland, where it was first made as a quite heavy and dense loaf with a barley or oatmeal dough and no leavening. As leavening agents were introduced, they began to be added to these skillet breads, making them fluffier. We keep somewhat traditional and make them with oatmeal and a little plain flour, but you will find modern recipes that use only flour.

So easy to make, so delicious, good weekend food.

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This is a vegetarian recipe from our first blog which was in existence from 1995 – 2006. You can browse other recipes from this blog in our Retro Recipes series.

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Griddle Scones | Egg Free

Have you heard of Girdle Scones? (BTW, Girdle is another name for a Griddle.) These scones are perfect for lazy weekends and camping holidays. They can be cooked inside, in or on a BBQ, or over an open camp fire (as long as you can hang or support a griddle).

These scones are delicious eaten warm from the griddle, slathered with butter or spread with jam. They are a lot of fun to make too, and the kids can watch them rise as they cook. Eat them for Breakfast, Snacks or Dessert! They are good at any time.

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This is a vegetarian recipe from our first blog which was in existence from 1995 – 2006. You can browse other recipes from this blog in our Retro Recipes series.

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Singin’ Hinny | Stove Top Scones | Griddle Scones

My goodness, I did love this recipe, producing scone-like cakes that whistled and sang as they cooked on the griddle. They were often to be found on The Table in The Kitchen, hot from the griddle and next to a large chunk of country butter.

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They are also called Singing Hinnies, Singin’ Hinnies or Singing Hinny. Traditionally they are not cut before cooking.

The recipe for this dish, as well as the Yorkshire Current Mint Pastries and the Bannocks, came from one of those sets of weekly or fortnightly publications. This one, recipes of course, was on English food and recipes. God knows why I bought them religiously. They were full of suet puddings and Yorkshire puddings, things I would never cook, even then. I cooked so few recipes from them, but loved reading them (I had a lot of English neighbours) and thinking about various flavour combinations. I am sure tips and techniques did find their way into my cooking and influence me in some way.

PS A girdle is/was a flat griddle cooking device. What an interesting name, it has always amused me.

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