Mung Dal Usli | Muga Dali

Mung dal is a perfect dish – an eat anytime dish but also very good for those sensitive times. Here it is roasted then cooked with coconut for a flavoursome breakfast or side dish.

A dry spicy dish of mung dal is very popular with the people of the mid West Coast of India, for example, Goa and further south into Kerala. It is easy to make and brings the beautiful and gentle taste of mung dal to the fore.

Mung dal is very easily digested and so is a favourite ingredient in Ayurveda and also for invalids. But there is no need to wait until you are on an Ayurvedic regime or are unwell, this is a dish that can be eaten any time. Often served for breakfast, it is also used as a side dish at a Konkani meal. It is also very good as a snack with chapathi too.

Similar recipes include Hara Mung Dal Taka.

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Dhal Puttu | Paruppu Puttu | Dal Poriyal | Delicious Stir Fried Lentil Crumble

Puttu is a “scrambled” or “crumbled” dish in South Indian cuisine.

A technique common in South Indian cooking but missing from other cuisines is the steaming of lentil batter, which is then crumbled and added to other dishes. The thick lentil batter is made by soaking the lentil and then grinding with scant water to form a batter. For example, this Bean Paruppu Usili uses that technique. This one, too, uses a modified form where the lentil batter is used to cook in a kadhai with vegetables, forming a scrambled lentil crumble.

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Bean Paruppu Usili | Green Bean Paruppu Puttu | Green Beans with Lentil Crumble

This is a wonderful, textural dish, a perfect compliment to an Indian meal, or a snack on its own.

This Usili is from Meenakshi Ammal’s second volume of Cook and See. In Meenakshi Ammal’s book it is called Paruppu Puttu, or scrambled lentils. Usili (or usli)  also means scrambled – confusing for us at times, but different states, regions, towns, even families in India will hold different traditions, not the least in the naming of dishes. Just part of the wonderful rich tapestry which is India. There is more information on lentil crumble types here.

This lentil crumble recipe is made with beans, but you can also use other vegetables such as cabbage, broccoli, grated carrot, banana flower, other types of beans such as cluster beans or broad beans, or indeed, without any vegetable at all. In fact you can make the crumble by following the recipe, then freeze it, ready to add to a vegetable when the need arises.

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