Ghol Takatli Bhaji | Maharashtrian Purslane in Yoghurt

Purslane (Ghol in Marathi, Kulfa in Hindi) grows prolifically in my garden and is a powerhouse of goodness. It grows around the world, used mainly by Persians, in India cuisines, and by the Australian indigenous people. It is perfect in salads or cooked in stir-fries and bhajis.  It is a seasonal plant which has a unique tangy taste.

This dish is a Maharastrian style curry usually eaten with steamed rice or rotis. It can be made with Purslane, green Colocasia, sorrel leaves, red amaranth, spinach leaves and other greens. It has a lovely texture with peanuts and channa daal. The dish is typically made with a medium thin yoghurt base.

Similar dishes include Kadhi (Yoghurt Curry), Kadhi with Okra, and Pulissery.

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Kadhi | Yoghurt Curry

My first ever yoghurt curry experience was from a Parsi lady from India. It was a life changing experience – the creaminess of the yoghurt with the spices  is a wonderful pairing, and once you’ve had a yoghurt curry, there is no looking back. This recipe is very very simple – few spices, and not much chilli. It lets the yoghurt shine.

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This recipe is one of the vegetarian recipes from our first blog which was in existence from 1995 – 2006.  You can find other recipes from that blog in the Retro Recipes series.

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Drumstick Kadhi | Yoghurt Curry with Drumsticks

Yoghurt Curry with Drumstick Vegetables

After being given some drumsticks, home grown by a friend, Drumstick Kadhi was on the menu.

Kadhi is a slow cooked yogurt or buttermilk dish, thickened with besan (chana flour, chickpea flour) which is later tempered with spices. In Indian recipes the terms “curd”, “buttermilk” and “yoghurt” are used almost interchangeably.

You can use Western buttermilk especially if you are after that little sour tang that buttermilk provides. If you are using yoghurt, look for unsweetened natural yoghurt, eg Greek Yoghurt or yoghurt from your Indian grocery, and thin it a little.

Similar recipes include Drumstick Sambar with Lime.

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Parsi Yoghurt Curry | Kadhi

Indian food is wholly and solely about the spices. Any other ingredient is simply a carrier for the spices.

I first had a yoghurt curry when it was cooked by a Persian (Irani) lady in Sydney for a group attending an Ayurvedic seminar. We helped ourselves to rice and curry and moved outside to sit in the sun, chatting and laughing as a group of like minded people do. Then suddenly there was silence. The absolute wonder of this curry carried us away and the only sound was sighs of great satisfaction.

Yoghurt Curry, no matter the type or style, is  wonderful spiced dish where the flavours are carried on silky, beautiful yoghurt. How special this easy curry is. This one is a fairly standard recipe, where a a double layer of spiciness is achieved through a spice paste for the yoghurt, and the tadka added at the end.

If you love yoghurt this dish will become a firm favourite.

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