Tiny Pasta and Peas

Pasta is not just a main dish – it makes beautiful salads, and also great side dishes. This one uses tiny pasta – use any of the tiny pastas, the sort that are commonly used in minestrone. The pasta is cooked then mixed with peas that have been cooked with parsley, garlic and onion. This is a fairly simple dish – there are much more fancy ways of making this, but we love this very simple version.

You can make this dish with other veggies too – tiny cubes of carrot barely cooked, sweetcorn, the youngest tiny broad beans etc.

Similar dishes include Pasta with Avocado, Rocket Salad with Penne Pasta, Capunti Pasta with Tomatoes, and Buttered Orzo Pasta.

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Fettuccine All’Alfredo | Fettuccine with Butter and Parmesan

This is a gorgeous and quick pasta dish of 3 or 4 ingredients – so unusual in today’s current fashion of long ingredient lists. It is often also called Fettuccine Alfredo, although it’s original name was Fettuccine al Burro.

Traditionally this dish did not include cream – the sauce was an emulsion between butter and parmesan. However, the American version is made with cream, butter and cheese. Choose which ever version you prefer.

It is said that in the 1020’s Alfredo, a restaurateur, was trying to find a dish that his pregnant wife, who had lost her appetite, would eat. He added cheese to a simple pasta-and-butter dish and she loved it. When he introduced it to his restaurant it became popular around the world.

Similar dishes include Pasta and Peas, Pasta with Avocado, Vermicelli with Charred Broccoli, Pasta with Broad Bean Puree, Pasta with Yoghurt and Cheese, and Tagliatelle with Walnuts and Lemon.

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Pasta with Avocado and Herb Oil

I adore dishes that can be made in 10 mins or under. Here is an easy pasta dish – delicious – that is the perfect week night dish. It is great for lunches too, if you are at home. Put the pasta on to cook, dice the avocado, make the herb oil, mix all together and serve.

Similar dishes include Pasta and Peas, Fettuccine Alfredo, Pasta with Roasted Capsicum, Pasta Baked with Cabbage and Cheese, and Pasta with Yoghurt, Peas and Chilli.

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Minestra con Pasta e Verdure Arriostite | Minestra with Pasta and Roasted Vegetables

We made a lot of minestrone soups this Winter – hearty vegetable soups fortified with dried beans and pasta.  Minestrone is that perfect, soupy blend, often with vegetables. It is a bowlful of goodness that leaves one sated and nourished, and feeling happy and content, at any time of the year.  No one can resist a good minestrone.

In this version, the vegetables are roasted before the soup if made with cannellini beans and vermicelli pasta. It is another incredibly delicious variation on a theme – the vegetables are a seasonal mix so that soup can be made at any time of the year.

We will often make a minestrone on the weekend in Winter – it is so hearty that a bowl of soup, some crusty bread and a simple salad is all that is needed for Wintery Weekend dinners. We are taking our inspiration from Ursula Ferrigno’s books.

Similar dishes include Tiny Pasta in Broth, Geonese Minestrone, Lentil, Barley and Vegetable Soup, and Italian Farmhouse Vegetable Soup.

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White Beans and Pasta in a Beautiful Broth

I loved my Grandmother’s kitchen as a little girl. Always busy & always something bubbling on the wood stove. I’ve been channelling her this morning with this soup cooking for hours. Pasta and white beans in a beautiful broth. Lots of herbs and whatever was on the kitchen bench.

My grandmother would never have cooked pasta. It was not a fashionable thing then, nor widely available. Nor would she have used olive oil – that wasn’t widely available and popular in Australia until the 1970’s or even later. My grandparents lived on a farm in a remoter part of the country. There was no electricity until the 196o’s. Milking the large herd was always done by hand, as was separating the milk. Also the washing, in a large copper pot heated from below by a small wood fire. It was all very magical to me as a child.

Back to the recipe. She would never have put pasta in a soup, or used olive oil or parmesan. But the broth is as flavoursome as any she made, allowing it to bubble away on the stove for hours. And the herbs and vegetables would have been straight from the vegetable garden next to the dam, about 5 mins walk from the main house.

Similar recipes include Broccoli and White Bean Soup, Chickpea and Parsley Soup, and Minestrone with Pesto.

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Spinach and Toasted Orzo with Green Chilli Yoghurt

There is something about orzo and spinach – it is a much loved combination, there are lots of variations, and it is easy to pull together. Tamimi has a version in Falastin, his book with Palestinian  flavour combinations and recipes. It combines orzo and spinach with a yoghurt-chilli-herb mix. Simple, yes, Divine, also.

The dish can be a dish in a vegetarian meal, a side dish or something akin to a salad. Throw in some feta, black olives and/or chopped tomato if desired.

Similar recipes include: Orzo and Eggplant Bake, Elegant Orzo and Spinach, Chickpea and Orzo Soup, and Rice and Orzo.

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My Italian Providore’s Vermicelli Pasta with Charred Broccoli

I have mentioned my Italian helpmate to you before, waxing lyrical about my lovely Italian providore – she is always full of good hints, tips and general information. I get all my pasta from there. Not that it is particularly better than anywhere else, but there are ALWAYS stories and tips to go with the packet of (essentially) dried flour and water.

When I picked up some vermicelli pasta for a minestrone soup, she told me how much she loves vermicelli with broccoli. Not much else needed, she said. And, well, she is right. You will love the simplicity of this dish and it will become your favourite Friday night pasta dish.

Similar dishes include Fettuccine Alfredo, Pasta with Broad Bean Puree, Pasta with Fresh Tomatoes, and Bucatini with Zucchini.

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Spaghetti with Ricotta and Radicchio

We are looking forward to Spring time – although the weather is capricious. Hot, above 30C some days in Spring, then it plummets to 19C the next. That is Spring! Even this year, in late Winter, the weather goes from 20C one day to 9C the next. Oy vay! Today we are looking for a pasta dish so we pair radicchio with ricotta to perfectly suit this changeable weather.

Similar dishes include Fettuccine Alfredo, Lentil and Radicchio Salad, Zucchini Risotto, Tomato Creme Fraiche Pasta Sauce, Capunti Pasta with Tomato and Basil, and Spring Pasta with Broad Beans and Mint.

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Penne with Walnuts, Gorgonzola and Sage

Pasta is that comforting dish that is generally easy to make and forms a perfect Friday Night or quick weekend meal. It takes 10 or 11 minutes to cook the pasta, and the creamy accompaniments are ready to be tossed with it. Perfect! It is also good for when a friend pops in unexpectedly at lunch time.

It is mildly flavoured and goes really well with a green salad, herb salad or just some bitter leaves of Belgian endive or rocket.

Similar recipes include Penne with Ricotta and Broad Beans, Rocket Salad with Penne and Parmesan, and Pasta Salad with Artichoke Hearts.

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Noodles with Fried Eggplant, Miso and Walnuts

I hadn’t really cooked any dishes from Ottolenghi’s books for about a year (and it would be another 6 months before I went back to cooking his recipes regularly). When I began cooking from Plenty More again, I realised 2 things: Firstly how much I had missed the flavours of Ottolenghi, and secondly I remembered the almost tedious number of processes in each recipe.

The deep sweetness and intensity produced by miso paste, combined with other Japanese staples, are guaranteed to put a smile on your dial on an overcast Winter or Early Spring day.

This one is no different. It has 7, yes seven, different processes with associated pots, pans and equipment. Make the vegetarian dashi, ribbon cut and soak ginger and spring onions, prep the eggplants, deep fry the eggplants, saute the onions, walnuts etc, make the sauce, cook the noodles.

So Ottolenghi flavours come at a price. Leave an afternoon free – at least several hours to cook and clean up – when making any of his dishes.

To be fair though – the man I call the Master of Flavour produces amazing dishes that makes the hours worth the effort!

This is an Ottolenghi dish from Plenty More – we are cooking our way through this book. We feel free to substitute ingredients that are not readily available in our local area. You can see the original recipe here.

Similar recipes include Roasted Eggplant with Special Miso Sauce, Deep Fried Eggplant, Ginger Scallion Noodles, and Udon Noodles and Shimejii Mushrooms.

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