Cumquat and Makrut (Kaffir) Lime Seed Syrup

We’ve been making lime pickles from the Makrut Limes (formally known as Kaffir Limes) from our tree. There are an awful lot of seeds in the limes. We don’t like to waste anything, and I also had a couple of dozen cumquats I was looking to use. The seeds from the limes are full of pectin, so I simmered them with the pulp that was left after juicing the cumquats. After straining, it made the most wonderful syrup.

The taste is sweet with citrus-bitter, a little like marmalade. It is almost set but now quite – a perfect consistency for toast and crumpets, and also for drizzling over rice pudding, Besan Payasam, icecream and other desserts. It is also a great drizzle over Brussels Sprouts and other veggies before roasting, onto soups, curries, rice etc.

Of course you won’t have lime seeds at your disposal. Make it anyway, just leave the seeds out. Or you can try with lemon seeds or seeds of other citrus. Add just enough sugar to retain the taste but overcome any sharp sour or bitter tastes. (You want to keep a little sour and a little bitter, don’t eliminate it altogether. We are not used to bitter tastes in our cuisines, but they are wonderful when used in the right way.)

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Quince Molasses

We now have a collection of molasses recipes that we cycle through year-round in our kitchen – pomegranate molasses, tamarind molasses, cumquat “molasses” and quince molasses. They are easy to make and divine with the sweet-sour flavours that can be used in spoon sweets, drizzled over sweet and savoury dishes, and mixed into dressings, soups, bakes and braises. They are essential accompaniments in our kitchen.

Here is the Quince Molasses we’ve been making for some time.

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Making Tamarind Paste from Tamarind Pods

Don’t you L O V E tamarind? I am not sure what I would do without this ingredient in the kitchen. While others rave about black garlic, it is the commonly available tamarind that gives that umami taste to my dishes. As a added bonus, it is at once sweet and sour. Oh, the delights of tamarind!

Occasionally, fresh tamarind pods are available at our Indian and Asian groceries. Sometimes we just nibble the tamarind from the pod, and sometimes we make tamarind paste for our Indian food, and a Mexican Summery cooling drink from the fresh paste. Win-Win.

The origin of the name comes from tamar-e-hind, which means fruit of India  or date of India. It was called this in the Arab countries although it is a native of Northern Africa. Its arrival in India shows of healthy trade routes between Africa, the Middle East and the Sub Continent. The fruit was well known to the ancient Egyptians and to the Greeks in the 4th Century BCE, and is now commonly grown and used in used in India (where it is called imli in Hindi), Africa, Mexico, the Philippines, the Caribbean and throughout South East Asia.

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How to Make Strawberry or Raspberry Syrup

Suffering from a glut of strawberries yet? No problems. Make strawberry syrup.

Suffering from a glut of strawberries? Or raspberries? No problems. Make strawberry or raspberry syrup.

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