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Caramelised, Marinated King Oyster Mushrooms. Gorgeousness in a Recipe with an Asian Twist.

A pack of King Oyster Mushrooms have been sitting in my fridge awaiting attention so very patiently. I decided to slice these giant beauties, then marinate them before cooking in a heavenly caramelisation of the marinade. Continue reading

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Mangoes in a Spiced Syrup. A Recipe for a Preserve.

I come from a family where both my mother and grandmother (and many before her, no doubt) “put up” vegetables and fruits in Spring, Summer and Autumn for consumption in later parts of the years. I still remember those bottled beans and cucumbers, and those sweet sugary grapes that my grandmother used to make. But now — it is the time for mangoes! Continue reading

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Kimchi, my style. A Recipe for Vegetarian Kimchi.

It is a special and easy thing to make Kimchi – soaking the vegetables in brine, then mixing them with chilli, garlic, ginger and onion, adding a sweetner to feed the fermentation and add complexity to the flavour. The final result is a tart, salty, hot pickle with a hint of sweetness that can be eaten on its own, mixed in to dishes. Continue reading

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Spiced Quinces: A recipe for Fall

I found this post today in my drafts. Being autumn in the other regions, I thought it would be good to post it now. Enjoy the read and the quinces. :) A Lost Post: Such an late autumn day today. … Continue reading

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