How to Make Thick Thick Yoghurt | Labneh | Strained Yogurt | Greek Yogurt | Yogurt Cheese

The joy of thick yoghurt. As thick as thick cream, superb as a topping, spread or base for a dip or a dessert, it is a necessary ingredient in the kitchen. Easy to make, it leaves whey which can be used in oats, breads, juices and soups.

Eat labneh straight from the bowl! Or with fruit and a drizzle of honey. Over jam on crunchy breakfast toast. Or roll it into balls for a savoury labneh.

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Yogi Chai

Aaah, chai. Perfect for wintery days.

Yogi Chai is a tea best made with mindfulness and care. Although it takes some time, a pot or thermos full can be made to sip during the day. And the base ingredients can be refrigerated and used again for tomorrow’s brew.

This Chai is not only delicious, but also detoxifying, good for those who have been under stress. The Chai is more like a tonic, incredibly healthy. Enjoy!

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Roasted Rosemary Pears

An unusual use of Pears, but delightful for Autumn and Winter, especially good for a Winter BBQ.

Holidaying at home is a little luxury for me. I can look at the yellow of the silver birch leaves across the road. Get the freshest of flowers each morning. Gaze at the clouds enveloping the hills. Listen to music. Read. Oh, it is so good to be home.

So, after glazing apples and draining yoghurt, both for a tomorrow’s menu, the weather is perfect for baking some pears with a little rosemary powder – ground by hand with a little chilli and dried capsicum and a minor pinch of salt. If you have not have this at hand :-), use fresh rosemary, some sea salt and add chilli if you dare. I have made this dish with pears and plums, so it is quite versatile.

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Pomodori Gratinati | Tomatoes Gratineed with Cheese

In Autumn, tomatoes are at their best, especially for cooking.

In Autumn tomatoes come into their own. Not only are the tomatoes a little juicer, a little sweeter away from that hot sun, but the weather is a little cooler and so cooking tomatoes becomes an option again – baked, grilled, fried, sauteed, sauced, pureed – you name the cooking method and tomatoes will have it covered.

Gratineed tomatoes are filled with cheese, herbs and breadcrumbs and oven baked for slightly retro but awesome lunches or as a side dish to a main meal. They can be cooked in covered BBQs as well.

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How to Make Roasted Garlic Oil

A beautifully flavoured oil.

We use a lot of oils in our kitchen. Walnut, grapeseed, sesame, mustard, olive, chilli. You name it, we use it. Recently we added Garlic oil to our repertoire.

There is some concern about garlic and oil. Make sure you do your research and make a decision based on the data and what is right for you. In any case, keep everything well refrigerated and use quickly.

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Red Lentil Soup with Spices, Ginger and Garlic

Garlicky soup for you, and your partner.

This recipe is a bit famous in our household, a recipe that we have used over the years (since 1997), and laugh about the supposed garlickiness of it. But don’t skimp on the garlic. It is worth every clove. (Actually, because the garlic cooks out, you don’t taste it in the way you might expect.) This is a hearty soup, great for cold cold weather. Roughly chop the ingredients for a rustic farmhouse soup, or chop them finely for a more refined bowl.

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Tray Baked Spicy Chickpeas | Chickpeas Roasted with Spices

Spicy chickpeas to satisfy the munchies.

Baked chickpeas are a delicious, easy and healthy snack You can eat these chickpeas just as they are, or throw them into salads on top of pasta with vegetable sauces. Eat them sitting out on your lovely table in the sunshine. Take them in your backpack on long walks. In your bento box for an office lunch. They are a great pre-dinner munchie. Or a late night TV snack.

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Creamy Pearl Hummus Salad | Chickpea and Tahini Salad | Masabacha

Make a salad from hummus ingredients – sort of like a deconstructed hummus.

Hummus is ubiquitous now. In much of the Western world good hummus is usually available in stores and Middle Eastern restaurants. The base flavours of hummus have a natural affinity for each other, and are a classic combination.

More unusual is using the very same ingredients, but stopping short of blending them into a paste. The same flavours are there, it is as beautiful as hummus, and it makes a salad that will have you coming back for more.

This deconstructed Hummus is an actual variant of Hummus, called masabacha, msabbaha, musabbaha, or musbacha, or probably a dozen other spellings (as it is transliterated from the original). Keep the tahini dressing sparse and just coat the chickpeas, or thin it and and more so that the chickpeas are literally swimming in the dressing.

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Travel | The best coffee in the world | South India

Seriously it is the best coffee ever

Making coffee in South India is an art. This is the story of my first taste of South India’s coffee. Since I wrote this story, I have drunk coffee all over South India. It is a very special drink and I recall with fondness many of my regular coffee places and the people that made my coffee each day. Love you guys. Continue reading “Travel | The best coffee in the world | South India”

Crabapple and Pomegranate Jelly with Rosebuds

Red jelly from green crab apples.

I have access to a lovely tree of green crabapples and in late Autumn, with its final lot of green fruits clinging doggedly to the tree, many more lie below nestled in the autumn leaves. It took me back to more rustic times, to days of jam making in my Grandmother’s kitchen, to stirring jam in large preserving pans with huge wooden sticks.

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