Indian Fresh Green Apple Pickle

My beautiful Mahrashtrian friend makes this pickle that is amazingly delicious! Whenever we have big groups over for dinner, she makes this. The first time I tasted it, I begged her for the recipe. It was delicious and it turned out to be so very easy! She uses a store-bought Aachar Masala powder, and all it takes is some extra spices, the apples, some mustard oil and the powder.

I had forgotten the recipe as I hadn’t made it for a while, so I have to thank my twitter friend Dee, for helping me out.

You can also make this with cucumber, carrots, green mango, celery, lemons or caperberries too!

The spice mix is called Achar Masala and is the RamDev brand. This is the brand my friend recommends, and I do not receive anything for mentioning it.

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Strawberries with Lemon

Strawberries! It is Wimbledon time, and great strawberries are still available in our greengrocers, so we mix them up with some lemon or lime juice and munch while we watch replays.

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Quick Pickled-Preserved Lemon Slices in Oil

Such an easy pickle

With the gift of organic lemons from a neighbour, it was a chance to make this quick pickle. There is a lot of confusion about what are pickled lemons and what are preserved lemon – it ranges from dried lemons (perserved) to soaked in brine and covered with lemon juice with or without a light covering of oil (both pickled and preserved), to lemons that have been salted and then stored in oil (a rarer pickle/preserve, but not uncommon).

This pickle or preserve is of the latter type. It is not an elegant pickle, or one that you would give for a gift. It is the type of pickle you make when all your lemons ripen at once and you need to use some quickly. Or a kindly neighbour gives you a basket of lemons from their tree and you don’t have time to make marmalade or preserve them Moroccan style.

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Lemon Rice | Yelumiccha Pazha Saadham

A tangy and aromatic rice

Lemon Rice is one of the staples of South Indian homes and of Temples for their Prasadam. It is a special rice indeed, with the tang of lemon/lime juice and the crunch of peanuts and lentils fried off in the tadka. You can make lemon rice with freshly cooked rice or with left over rice.

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Mozzarella and Cucumber Salad with Caperberries and Lemon

The soft flavours of fresh mozzarella pair with the tang of preserved lemon and caperberries.

Fresh Mozzarella is ideal for salads, having a creamy texture but soft flavour, so it compliments strong and tangy flavours. It also heightens dishes like grilled fennel, or produces soft and gentle flavours when paired with other soft flavours.

This salad has the softness of cucumber and mozzarella, and the tang of caperberries and preserved lemon. Each level of flavour is evident. It is a great summery salad.

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Charred Tomatoes Salad with Mint and Lime

Charring the Tomatoes intensifies the flavours and increases the juiciness. A lovely salad.

Charred cherry tomatoes are great, and a change from oven roasted cherry tomatoes. Try this salad.

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Lemony Yoghurt Dressing

A creamy delightful dressing.

This dressing is so delicious you will want to smother your salad in it. The trick is to sweeten the dressing with a little honey.

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Cauliflower Slow Cooked with Lime and Spices | Cauliflower a la Grecque

Cauliflower slow cooked a la Grecque for hot summer day eating.

Let’s face it, days and days of 45C (113F) temperatures does not leave a lot of energy for cooking. It is days of cucumber sandwiches (albeit with French butter, Celtic sea salt and just-ground pepper), iced coffee and buckets of icecream.

If early mornings allow, slow cooking of cauliflower in oil and flavourings is essential preparation for the day, as is grilling of slices of large zucchini to be stuffed between bread with the same french butter, goat’s cheese and diced tomatoes. Eat with a cup of icy cold herbal tea.

Similar dishes include Roasted Cauliflower Salad with Hazelnuts and PomegranateRoasted Cauliflower and White Bean Puree, A Plate of Perfect Cauliflower, and Pasta with a Cauliflower Sauce.

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Steamed Thai Eggplant and Zucchini with Chilli Paste and Cumquat or Lime

I love this!

My friend Kate recently told me how good steamed Thai eggplants are with a chilli paste. In need of a quick snack while prep’ing for the large dinner on Xmas Day, I threw some in the steamer with left over zucchini, grabbed some chilli paste from the fridge and chopped up some cumquats. I love this!

I can imagine these eggplants served in a row on a narrow white plate, each one on a salad green leaf, ready for eating picking up and putting straight into the mouth. Also in this pic are some steamed betel leaves,  and a pea shoots and chopped cumquats salad.

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Mango and Lemon Rice with Mango Seeds

Mango seeds can be used to add flavour to dishes like rice and rasam – a method used in India, parts of SE Asia and in some parts of Hawaii too.

Truly I don’t like to waste anything, so when I realised that Mango seeds can be used to add flavour to dishes like rice and rasam, I was there. This method of flavouring dishes is used in India, parts of SE Asia and in some parts of Hawaii too.

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A Wicked Tamarind and Lime Dressing and a Thai Betel Leaf Salad

A wicked, wicked salad.

I remember my first trip to India, travelling the back-roads of Goa with a gorgeous Indian tourist guide for the day. He pointed out some betel nuts drying on the sides of the roads. In all of my naivety, I said to him “Don’t betel nuts make you go funny?” With a sage wiggle of his head, he replied “My dear, there are many things in India that make you go funny.”

How right he is, and not all of them in the hallucinogenic way.

Actually, betel leaves have many uses in India and beyond. Some of them spiritual, some of them artistic, some of them culinary.  Today’s use is in a salad, and it is not Indian, but Thai, with the telltale flavours of sour, sweet and hot melded perfectly together.

I have heard that Betel Leaves are not from the same plant as Betel Nuts, but rather a plant closely related to pepper. They can be eaten raw, and are often used as a wrapping for food in India and Thailand.

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Lemony Sago in Coconut Milk | Sabudana Coconut Payasam

Sago is back in fashion!

Sago is back in fashion! It is wonderful when it is paired with enough lemon juice that it is tangy, and enough jaggery that it is sweet, and swimming in coconut milk. A truly delicious and cooling dessert, just made for hot weather. It can be served hot, cold and at room temperature.

Are you after other Sago dishes? Try Sago Payasam, and Sago Pilaf.

There is a similar recipe from the Retro Recipe Series on this site’s sister site, Heat in The Kitchen, but it has  been updated here with changes in technique. It is a bit simpler, too. The recipe appears there as part of the Retro Recipes series.

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Narathankai Kuzhambu | Orange, Lemon or Lime Peel Kuzhambu

Top to Tail Vegetarian eating (perhaps it is Tip to Leaf) is all the vogue at my place.

Kuzhambu is a South Indian dish with infinite varieties. They are gravy-like dishes intended to eat over rice, and form an important part of daily meals in Tamil Nadu. Read more about Kuzhambu dishes here.

Orange Kuzhambu – made from the peel only – can also be made with lime or lemon peel (even Meyer lemons). Even mandarin peel can be used.

You can see the genesis of this dish in making food stretch, in the “top to tail” eating, vegetarian style, of people for whom sustenance and deliciousness was the requirement, whatever food was at hand. Perhaps it is “root to leaf” eating.

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Masala Lemon or Lime Rice | Masala Elumichai Sadham | A South Indian Tamil Recipe

A tangy kuzhambu with lime or lemon

Masala Lemon Rice is perfect when your body feels under the weather on a wet and cold day – it will spark up your energy levels. Another Meenakshi Ammal recipe, it is a bit of a maze to work out instructions. But this is what I love about Amma’s books. You do need to be a bit of a detective to make sense of them.

In Indian recipes  lemon often refers to our lime. However, I have found that they are reasonably interchangeable: although the tastes will be different depending on whether you use a lemon or lime, the recipes will work with either one.

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Lemon or Lime Rasam | Sweet, Sour, Hot, Delicious

This Rasam recipe ticks every box – quick to make, easy, tasty, light, satisfying, amazing, addictive. It takes no more than 10 minutes. It is a very thin dish, and perfect to ladle over rice.

If you are new to Indian cooking, you might like to read about the difference between rasam and sambar.

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