Tofu and Spinach Layers with Chilli Miso and Sesame Sauce

A simple dish that delivers more than it promises.

This wonderful dish, full of the flavours of Japan without being Japanese, the flavours of SE Asia without being South East Asian, became an instant family success. We made it often, but somehow, as we no longer all live so close together, it has fallen from our menus. When I do make it again, I recall why we loved it so much, and give myself 2 helpings.

The first time this dish was served to the gathering family (in 2001), all went silent as they ate, tasted, yet could not get the words from their tastebuds to their brain to their mouths. Silent eating, always the mark of a great dish.

It makes a great first course – or a light meal.

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Simple Aloo Palak Subzi | Potatoes and Spinach | A Dry Curry

Spinach and Potatoes, a warming and nourishing combo – a very healthy, homely and delicious dry vegetable dish

There are two ways of making aloo palak one is dry aloo palak subzi and the other is potato in a wet, smooth spinach gravy. Today’s recipe is the dry version – Fried potatoes are mixed with spinach and spices. It is a popular North Indian dish.

This is a surprise dish, one where a simple spinach base with so few ingredients makes a tasty dish. That speaks to very good matching of ingredients and the matching of spices to the vegetable.

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Lotus Seeds with Spinach | Palak Makhana

Lotus Seeds are a crunchy ingredient suitable for many different dishes.

Lotus are sacred to many cultures (see some beautiful photos here), and many use the seeds in their kitchen. Phook Makhana (lotus seeds) are cooked in a spinach gravy, much like the way that Palak Paneer is cooked.

This is quite an interesting dish. The phool makhana adds texture to the dish but not a lot of individual taste – similar to the way that paneer adds texture but little taste to Palak Paneer.

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Sweet Potato, Eggplant and Spinach Madras Subzi

A great dish from Ol’ Madras, in South India.

I have a good friend, Narasimhan, who used to live in Adelaide. He is from Tamil Nadu but resides in Bangalore. When he was in Australia, he would regularly arrive at my place, bearing this curry and a bunch of roses, asking only that I cook some rice and maybe (under his guidance) some payasam. This curry is so easy and so good, or maybe it is the smell of the roses that biases my tastebuds.

Sauce-free Indian curries like these are really just slightly-more-elaborate vegetable sautés—toast spices in ghee, coconut oil or Indian sesame oil, add in your vegetables, and finish with salt and sometimes a touch of sugar to season the simple, healthful spicy glaze that coats the vegetables.

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