Sticky Balsamic Sweet Potatoes with Orange Bitters

Some of Ottolenghi’s dishes are no-brainers. Just tossing some herbs and easy ingredients with some roasted vegetable or carefully steamed grain. In these it is the combination of the ingredients that make exceptional dishes. But others take time, effort and care. While I prefer the first, the arrival of flavours in the various processes of the second can be a matter of awe.

This dish is definitely of the second variety. It is a great dish. The glaze of a reduced, sticky balsamic with orange juice and bitters caramelises as it roasts. The sweet potatoes are left sticky and delicious. Add to the equation the roasted garlic and the sage and thyme leaves and this is a dish to impress.

This is a great dish for Thanksgiving, if you celebrate that US festival. Other Thanksgiving recipes are here.

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All of our Sweet Potato recipes are here. Or browse our Ottolenghi recipes. Be inspired by our Mid Autumn food.

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Strawberries with Sticky Balsamic

This recipe combines 3 unusual items that go well with strawberries – balsamic vinegar, black pepper, and thyme.

Lately I have been able to get strawberries picked fresh that morning. They taste heavenly and I often eat them one by one as I am reading or working. But they also get made into strawberry jam, baked strawberries and now, this ancient recipe found in my pile of recipes – Strawberries with Sticky Balsamic.

This recipe combines 3 unusual items that go well with strawberries – balsamic vinegar which adds a sweet flavour with some tartness, black pepper adds some heat, and thyme or basil add a herby edge. Mostly unknown, these herbs go well with sweet fruit desserts including fruit salad.

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