Black Pepper Garlic Broccoli with Mustard Seeds and Curry Leaves

If you follow our blog (hello to all of our lovely followers!) you will know how much we love broccoli. Particularly pan-roasted broccoli. This time we have turned it into an Indian style dish, with black pepper as its major flavouring.  It is delicious!

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Pepper and Turmeric Cauliflower with Lime | Milagu Cauliflower

Wow! When you need a taste bomb to add real spark to your day, this is the dish for you. Cauliflower is cooked in a paste of liberal amounts of pepper with garlic, ginger and warming spices. It has plenty of bite from the pepper and ginger and tang from lime juice. You will adore it. This dish is commonly known as the Cauliflower Pepper Fry and there are many variations of the dish. Serve with rice or chapati with yoghurt.

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Chai Masala for Relief of Colds

Chai Masala – how beautiful at dawn on cold mornings, in the evenings of cooler days, and at any time with friends and a biscuit.

Chai can be made with a huge range of spices, herbs and tea leaves, so selecting one to meet your need, the weather, the time of day or your health concerns is quite easy. Check out our range of recipes.

This one is gingery and peppery, right up my ally! It is perfect for cold mornings – both of these spices will warm you up. But it is also perfect for helping you through your coughs and colds of winter. Drink it with abandon.

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Black Pepper Tofu

With all of the SE Asian flavours that make great food, plus the tofu is deep fried, what is not to like?

Ever since I saw the Black Pepper Tofu in Ottolenghi’s Plenty, I have wanted to make it. It has all of the SE Asian flavours that make great food, plus the tofu is deep fried, what is not to like?

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Pepper Rasam | Pepper Broth | Milagu Rasam

Warming and nourishing, pepper rasam will ward off colds and flu too.

I love to layer flavours in my dishes, and I hate to throw anything away. So with some wonderful top water from cooking lentils and also some green coriander-charged water from making another dish, a base was made for a wonderful, peppery rasam. The rasam is dark from the lentils, but so flavoursome that we had a couple of serves each.

You can blend the tomatoes for a smooth broth, but I love the soft tomato bits. And don’t worry if you don’t have lentil water or corainder-charged stock. This will still be awesome.

If you are new to Indian cooking, you might like to read about the difference between rasam and sambar.

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What is the Difference Between Black, Green and White Peppers?

Where would we be without pepper? From Black Pepper Tofu to Pepper Rasam, our cuisine would be much poorer. Roasted sweetcorn with black pepper. Lots of black pepper on pasta, fresh tomato, garlic and chilli. Cheeses studded with black pepper. Hot beetroot with black pepper. Pepper features strongly in spice mixes and curry powders. Peppercorns are great (in small numbers) in chai mixes, and in pickles. And what about Black Pepper Rice? Then there is black pepper with strawberries (amazing) and a black pepper sauce for blueberries.

What are your favourites?

Our most used pepper is Black Pepper, but it wasn’t always so. As I grew up, we used white pepper exclusively, and I still love white pepper with Chinese style dishes, cauliflower and other applications. And then also green pepper, that adds a fresh note to dishes.

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Pepper Rice | South India

An exquisite dish, flavoured beautifully with the pepper, balanced with curry leaves and sesame seeds

There are so many recipes for rice, especially rice flavoured with other ingredients. Carrot Rice. Lemon Rice. Curd Rice. Tamarind Rice. Sesame Rice. Coconut Rice. Green Mango Rice.

Pepper rice is easy to make and the aroma! It is an exquisite dish, flavoured beautifully with the pepper – the flavour is so well balanced, not too hot but hot enough (it is pepper after all). Pepper here is the main ingredient, and the rice is the carrier.

This recipe has pepper as the main ingredient, with curry leaves and sesame seeds to offset the heat of pepper. The aromatic flavour of curry leaves, the mild nutty taste of sesame seeds and the sharp flavour of pepper blend into the rice giving it an irresistible authentic flavour.

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