Lentils and Eggplant with Pomegranate and Crispy Onions | Rummaniyeh

Eggplant and dark lentils are such a paring! We loved them here – this is an extraordinary dish – and we love them in this recipe. When the eggplant is cooked with the lentils it becomes very silky and simply melts into them. This is the joy of Rummaniyeh.

Pomegranates also feature strongly in Rummaniyeh. In fact, Rumman means pomegranate, so this dish’s name, Rummaniyeh, means pomegranatey. Pomegranates are cherished in Palestine – they are an integral part of Palestinian eating, and are regarded as a symbol of abundance and prosperity.  The cheap and easy recipe uses rich, sweet-tart pomegranate molasses and pomegranate kernels (when in season), for a tangy stew in which the eggplants melt into the lentils as they gently simmer. Crispy onions, fried garlic, zingy lemon juice, pomegranate molasses, hot chilli and generous amounts of olive oil are added, to create layers of flavour and transform the primary ingredients.

Today’s recipe had its genesis in the one in Falastin by Tamini. I made some adjustments to make it simpler, with more lentils, and also to get that simmered silkiness of the eggplants.

Eat warm or at room temperature with pitta or tafoon (Middle Eastern flatbread) and a chopped salad. I like a bowl of spiced yoghurt with it. You can serve Rummaniyeh at any time, but it is especially good for breakfast!

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Lemony Tomato Lentil Soup

Aah, the dreaded dead of Winter. Stay warm – here is a lentil soup, tomato-based, nice and lemony, to warm those chilled bones. I also make this on those Spring days when the weather gods have forgotten that Summer is coming and have plunged us back into the depths of rainy, windy Winter.

The recipe is easy.  I never advocate using tinned lentils, but if you must, this is a definite mid-week recipe, cooked in under 30 mins. The tang is from preserved lemons (I often use Indian Lime Pickles instead). Use any brown or brown-green lentil – supermarket Brown Lentils, Du Puy, Beluga, Horse Gram, Matki Beans will all make wonderful soup.

Have I said that this is easy? There is something about lentil soups – this one smells delicious as it cooks. It is a combination of the lentils and the lemon. I often cook soups first thing in the morning, around 5am or 6am, as I am a morning person and definitely a morning cook. Cooking soup on a very cold winter’s morning is the most welcoming sight and aroma as the rest of the family eventually greet the day. It also gives some time for the flavours in the soup to meld and mature during the day before eating it with crusty bread and a good wine for dinner (or lunch, if you can’t wait that long).

We have been making this easy soup since 1998, can you believe! It first appeared on our very first blog from 1995 – 2006. Maybe you saw it there!

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Lentils and Orzo Pasta with Caramelised Onions

Orzo, that tiny rice shaped pasta not to be confused with barley which is  called orzo in Italy, pairs well with rice and with lentils. In this Greek dish it is cooked with lentils or beans and then topped with deeply flavoured caramelised onions. Yum.

There is some debate about whether the practice of combining pasta and lentils began in Italy or Greece, but what is known is that regions in both countries have traditionally made this pairing. It extends through the Middle East where rice and short pieces of noodles are also cooked together.

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Brown Lentil Sprouts Sundal | An Indian Salad

Sundals are very easy to make once your base ingredient – usually a lentil or pulse – is cooked. They are often called “salads” but there isn’t really a Western equivalent.

I found some unidentified brown lentils in the pantry, as one does, and so sprouted them. They were difficult to sprout, taking their time indeed. Yet some days later I had a bowl of wonderful sprouts and crunchy lentil bases.

The sprouts were made into a Sundal.  Sundals are very easy to make once your base ingredient – usually a lentil or pulse – is cooked unless it is soft enough to use raw. These are quickly sauteed with spices – black mustard seeds, asafoetida, ginger, red and green chillies. Sundals are often called “salads”, and in an Indian context, that is true as they are much lighter dishes than many curries.

You can use any sprouts for this recipe.

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Or you can make a sundal with du Puy Lentils or some mung dal, equally as delicious.

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