How to Cook Vegetables for Sambar

Removing the confusion around cooking vegetables for Sambar


Once you are experienced at cooking sambar, it is quite easy. However, while mastering the skill it can be confusing. Here is some advice on making sambar, and particularly on cooking the vegetables for sambar.

The advice is based on my experience and the writings of S. Meenakshi Ammal who wrote the Cook and See series of books on traditional South Indian cooking.

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Classic Seasoned Sambar, Method Four

This is the fourth of four methods that Ms Ammal presents for her basic sambars.

Meenakshi Ammal’s Cook and See Part 1 has four methods for cooking basic, classic seasoned sambar. This is the fourth method that she describes for that dish.

There are other types of sambar – Yoghurt and Buttermilk sambars, kuzhambu and others that are variations on the classic sambar.

Are you wondering what defines a sambar? You might like to read this post that answers that question.

For how to cook vegetables for sambar, read On cooking Vegetables for Sambar. For making sambar powders, go to Sambar Powders and a Simple Sambar. Finally this one will also help –  Sambar – hot, sour or salty? A lot of info for a simple dish:)

The other methods of cooking a basic, classic Sambar are here – Sambar, Method One, Method Three, and Method Four.

Similar recipes include Onion Sambar, Drumstick Sambar, and Sundakkai Sambar.

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