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Spring is Here! A celebration.

Time to revisit an old post. Maintaining a balanced diet is the first casualty of a busy lifestyle. I often wonder what on earth we women did when we left the home and went out to work. (Please, no spam … Continue reading

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Crispy Garlic. Crispy Sage.

I use crispy garlic particularly a lot to top vegetables, soups and mashes. It adds texture, flavour and another dimension to dishes. Sage likewise. Continue reading

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Spicy Moroccan Carrot Dip

This is a dip from the North of Africa, delicious as part of tapas or a mezze plate. It can also be thinned slightly and used as a mash as part of a main meal. Wonderful as part of a vegetarian BBQ. Use as a dip with Turkish or Pita bread, even Olive bread. Continue reading

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In Season Early Winter: What to Cook

What is in season where you are? Here it is slowly shedding the coat of Autumn and the chilly mornings and evenings are slipping in. The Greengrocer’s shelves are changing, fruit is disappearing, and winter vegetables arriving. What could you be cooking? Here are some suggestions for fruits and vegetables in season in early winter, from apples and pears to broccoli, pumpkin and parsnips — and much more. Continue reading

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Seasonal Cooking for Late Winter For our Northern Friends

Lots of inspiration for dishes for cooking in Autumn, no matter whether you are in the Southern or Northern Hemisphere. Enjoy! Continue reading

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Seasonal Cooking for Late Summer

A special month is February here in the Southern Hemisphere, raging from the Heat of Summer and extraordinary record breaking temperatures into a mellowing and yellowing of light as the Pre-Autumn season begins.

I love this time of year too.

Use the recipes below for inspiration for the late summer seasons. It is a little late I know, but I do hope that you find some inspiration here. Continue reading

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Cooking Last Month (January) – Did you Catch Them All?

Here in Adelaide we have had record breaking heat, up to 45C (115F) and record breaking rains with associated flash flooding. What a summer it has been so far.

Between this site and its sister site, Heat in The Kitchen, there has been a lot going on this past month. In case you missed anything, here is a roundup for you. Continue reading

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