Malaysian Lemak-Style Vegetables | Vegetables in a Coconut-Curry Broth

Enjoy the flavours of Malaysia with this easy vegetable dish.

Fresh, crunchy and health-giving, a bowl of stir-fried vegetables enriched with a deeply flavoured Coconut Curry broth is a wonderful lunch or light dinner – even an evening snack. A Food Bowl, straight from the source, without following any current food fashion.

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White Peas Curry | Safed Matar

This is a thick spicy curry that is even better the next day.

This is a thick spicy curry often served during social functions with Poori (deep fried bread). Today I am not making it with poori, rather serving it with some plain white basmati rice and a wonderful cucumber salad with garlic and onion. Note that this is very nontraditional.

The curry uses dried white peas. Don’t confuse these with chickpeas or with fresh or dried green peas. White peas, and indeed this dish, are popular in North India.  I find it a bit challenging to cook North Indian dishes as I love Sth Indian, particularly Tamil food, and am used to the fresher tastes with less spices. But periodically I venture out and construct a great North Indian dish like this one. Continue reading “White Peas Curry | Safed Matar”