Curry Leaf Kuzhambu | Karuveppilai Kuzhambu

Kuzhambu is made daily in Tamil households, and has hundreds of varieties. It is basically a spicy broth that can but might not include vegetables and it is spooned or poured over rice as it is eaten.

This Kuzhambu is one that is tamarind based and is strongly flavoured with curry leaves.  There are many different recipes for this dish – I hope you enjoy this one.

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Poritha Kootu with Finely Diced Snake Gourd

Kootu is a favourite in our house – well, we just love toor dal, truth be told. With a snake gourd in the fridge, left over from making Snake Gourd Pachadi, we make this Snake Gourd Kootu. The same recipe can be made with cabbage, kohlrabi, amaranth leaves or spinach instead of snake gourd.

The gourd is finely diced in this recipe, so it disappears into the dal, and is a delightful surprise as you are eating. Gorgeous pops of green-tasting snake gourd in your mouth. It is wonderful served with rice.

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Vendakkai Thayir Pachadi | Crisipy Okra in Yoghurt

Okra in Yoghurt is popular across South India, and it is surprisingly good – more than might be expected if you are used to okra cooked with tomatoes as is common in the Mediterranean, Middle East and the US. This recipe is a Tamil version – the Kerala version is similar but also contains coconut.

This is usually made for festival days or other special occasions, although it is wonderful to eat on any day. It is easy to make, taking no more than 20 mins. You will love it.

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A Fresh Indian Cucumber Salad | Cucumber and Mung Kosumalli, Version 4 | Vellarikkai Kosumalli

Fresh and inviting

It is rather rare to have raw ingredients in South Indian cuisine. At the least, most ingredients are sauteed. There are a couple of exceptions. This is a Kosumalli, closer to a Western version of a salad than, say, Sundals and Pachadi dishes which are often referred to as salads but differ from their Western counterparts.

While Western salads depend on their dressing – primarily oil, vinegar, mayonnaise and herbs – to make the collection of raw ingredients interesting, Indian Kosumalli use crunch from the fried lentils, the taste of coconut, the tang of lime or lemon juice, and spices.

This vesion of the salad Kosummali is fresh and lively with the ever present hit of chilli. You will love it. The smell of the cucumber after the hot ghee hits it is divine.

This recipe is the 4th version (so far) of Cucumber Kosumalli on our site, each one different to the others.

You might like to read What is Kosumalli aka Koshambari.

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