Garlic, Rosemary and Parmesan Biscuits | Egg Free

These are great, quick biscuits when you need something in a rush. Visitors? A hoard of teenagers landing on you? Or on your own and needing something to spark up your day? These are the biscuits for you. They are a little salty, a lot parmesan-y, and incredibly morish.

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Semolina Butter Biscuits | Egg Free

Once you have tasted these feathery light biscuits, chances are you’ll never bake any other biscuit. They are tender and mouth-watering.

The recipe originated from Paula Wolfert’s The Cooking of the Eastern Mediterranean. It has been adapted a bit from the original, but not too much.

The thing about these biscuits is that they improve with age. And you really should wait for 1 day before eating. But I dare you to do that without tasting them straight out of the oven.

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Roasted Cumquats with Flowering Thyme on Besan Custard (Payasam) and Passion Fruit Syrup

One of our cumquat trees is hanging heavy with fruit, looking gorgeous in the Autumn sun. The other one is covered in flowers! Go figure the timing! It is a different variety though, so perhaps that accounts for it.

We use a lot of cumquats, loving cumquat tea, poached cumquats, cumquat jam, cumquat pickles and  many other ways of using them.  I saw a house with a cumquat tree hedge recently, and I have just gone wild thinking about how I can do that at my place!

Today we are roasting the cumquats, and using them with some of our thyme that is flowering in the garden, and the seeds and juice of passion fruit, and sitting it all on an eggless custard type mixture that I love to make. I call it Indian custard, but its real name is Besan Payasam.

BTW, In Australia we spell passionfruit as one word. They are abundant here and we take them for granted. We eat them fresh from the garden, we use the pulp for our national dish Pavlova, and we used to drink Passiona soft drink by the litre back in the day.

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How to Make Eggless Mayo from Milk

I have a recipe from my Mum for an eggless mayonnaise that is made from condensed milk. It is pretty gorgeous, and I love it. There is also a cream based dressing that can be used in many cases as a replacement for egg based mayo. Even this Yoghurt based dressing will substitute for mayo. There is a fourth way of making eggless mayo – from an emulsion of milk and oil  (you can make it vegan by substituting soy or nut milk). It is not as flavoursome as my favourite one and is less sweet, but it contains a lot of oil. However it is easy to make and lighter in texture than the condensed milk one.

Use as you would use mayonnaise. It makes a great dip as well.

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Creamy Salad Dressing | Egg Free

My Mother would make two salad dressings – one an eggless, mustardy mayonnaise made with condensed milk (its a beauty) and today’s recipe, a creamy salad dressing that is also eggless. It is not that she was against using eggs (we had several dozen chooks),  but she had a number of things influencing her cooking – her experience in the tough times of  World War II as she was growing up, living in an isolated part of South Australia, her Germanic influences from her parents and grandparents, and a preference for things to be easy in the Kitchen as she didn’t really enjoy cooking.

I am glad that these things all came together to produce both of these dressings, because I keep my Kitchen meat-free and egg-free. So these two recipes are heaven-sent, ready to use whenever mayonnaise style dressings are required. The other one that is handy is this lemony yoghurt dressing.

This creamy dressing always appeared on my Mother’s tomato salads, and it well suits both tomatoes and cucumbers. Who thinks of putting mayo or a creamy dressing on tomato salads these days? My mother always did. And they were delicious, our favourite.

But it is also versatile, useful for all sorts of salads. It can be flavoured, eg with mustard or garlic or capers or spring onions, and this is done so easily. Try it on a raw vegetable salad, crunchy shredded root vegetables, a green lettuce based salad, over salad bowls, and with roast vegetable salads.

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How to Make Eggless Mayonnaise

This is how we made our mayonnaise as I was growing up. Sweetish, tangy and lovely, it was a delight to find it again in my archives.

This is how we made our mayonnaise as I was growing up. It was a favourite of my mother’s, and she had made it for many many years. Sweetish, tangy and lovely, it was a delight to find this recipe again in my archives.

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How to make Eggless Pasta | Semolina Pasta Dough, Besan Pasta Dough, Sesame flavoured Pasta/Noodles | Egg Free

Making pasta without eggs

Let’s be clear up front. No matter what other sites will tell you, it is not really possible in a home environment to produce the type of pasta that can made with eggs, or the commercially produced egg free pasta. We can make other pasta, however, that will good, and have a special taste and texture of their own.

I work with several different recipes for eggless pasta. One with semolina flour, one with besan, or chickpea flour, and one with both. Each gives quite a different result. It pays to experiment with each of them until you find a pasta noodle that you prefer. The third type has been my most successful and is my current favourite, so make sure that you check that one out below.

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