Sweet Pepper and Rice Salad

I have had 2 revelations this week – firstly, how good rice salad is. It is a salad that my Mother made a lot in Summer but some how it has never ever made it onto my radar. Perhaps we ate too much of it as we grew up, perhaps hers never inspired me to make them myself (sorry Mum).

In this 42C (107F) heat, I made a rice salad on a whim, because all I had to do was turn on the rice cooker – no other hot steamy cooking steps required. And the salad was so good, we are now converted.

The other revelation is, how good idli rice is for both stir-fried rice, and for rice salads. Idli rice is the type of rice used in India for making idli, dosa and the like. It is rice with attitude – separate, independent grains, that retain some bite even after cooking (think al dente rice), and that have a bit of swag. Yeah. It is perfect for rice salad.

But any other medium to long grain rice will do – don’t use rice that is sticky when cooked. You are looking for separate grains.

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Simple Chickpea Salad | Salad de Pois Chiches

One of Elizabeth David’s no-fuss salads.

Sometimes we need simple food, and who better to consult than Elizabeth David? Her Chickpea Salad fits the bill.

In this recipe it is best to use chickpeas straight from the pan or slow cooker, to get the most out of the added flavourings. The warm chickpeas absorb the flavours more readily. But it can be made with tinned or frozen chickpeas – just heat them in hot water for a few minutes on the stove until warm.

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Sweet Red Pepper Salads

Simple Summer salads with capsicum

I have been using Elizabeth David as my guide these past weeks, eating simply and being mindful of the produce.

  • One apricot, organic, juicy and ripe. Eaten slowly.
  • Dutch potatoes, simple boiled and dressed with olive oil, salt and pepper. Eaten as a warm salad.
  • An apple, peeled and sliced with a little salt sprinkled on it.
  • And bell peppers (capsicums) simply sliced in a salad, done two ways.

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Simple French Cucumber Salad | Concombres en Salade

The simplest but the best cucumber salad.

The French approach to vegetables is to be admired. No artifice, just simplicity to bring out the flavours of the produce.

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The Best Tomato Salad

No need to treat tomatoes in complex ways.

From Late Spring to Mid Autumn, our tomatoes are beautiful. In Australia, we each eat around 25kg on average per year. Salads, soups and curries, baked, roasted, grilled, sauteed, and dried, chopped, sliced or pureed, tomatoes play a large part in our cuisine. Elizabeth David reminds us of the French approach of simple is best, even when it comes to tomatoes.

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Seasonal Cooking | 11 Simple Beautiful Summer Salads

Sometimes we forget that simplest is bestest.

I ran into a lady today from Northern France and we chatted about France and French food. I have spent some time living and working in the North East of France, so it was great to chat to such a beautiful lady.

Coincidentally, I have just started to re-read, Elizabeth David’s French Provincial Cooking. I love the simple approach to food and the reverence she shows to food and eating.

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