English Mashed Potatoes

When I need comfort food, mashed potato it is.  Reminiscent of childhood — large plates of mashed potato, buttery and herby, steaming hot from the pan and piled with other vegetables — it takes me back to days of large gardens, lazy days, and few cares.

As simple as mashed potatoes is to make, some care is needed otherwise a gluey mash or a dry flavourless pile of potatoes is the result. Here are some tips that might help you to find the perfect mash.

We have three different mashed potato recipes for you:

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This recipe is one of the vegetarian recipes from our first blog which was in existence from 1995 – 2006. See the Retro Recipes series of recipes which contain some of our vegetarian recipes from that first blog.

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Aussie Scones | Egg Free

Scones, those English and Australian afternoon-tea essentials, slathered with strawberry jam and whipped cream, are often the star of our afternoon snacks. From a young age, I would make scones for visitors. As soon as I could, I would slip away and leave them to chat with others in the house. I would head for the kitchen and whip up a batch of scones, bringing them out still hot from the oven to the delight of everyone who happened to be there at that time.

In fact, it takes only 15 minutes to produce a basket full of lovely hot scones that are feather light.

Sometimes you can eat them just with butter, or without sugar but with cheese mixed into the batter and sprinkled over the top before baking. Jam and cream is very traditional. Sultanas can be added to the dough. Pumpkin scones have a reputation in Australia but they are not something that I make more than once a decade. Or omit the sugar and add a little black pepper, and serve them with a large bowl of soup.

These favourites are not, take note, *not* the American scone, pronounced scoh-n, more like our biscuits than this light and fluffy delicacy. Ours is pronounced sco-n, a short “o”, as in pond.

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Griddle Scones | Egg Free

Have you heard of Girdle Scones? (BTW, Girdle is another name for a Griddle.) These scones are perfect for lazy weekends and camping holidays. They can be cooked inside, in or on a BBQ, or over an open camp fire (as long as you can hang or support a griddle).

These scones are delicious eaten warm from the griddle, slathered with butter or spread with jam. They are a lot of fun to make too, and the kids can watch them rise as they cook. Eat them for Breakfast, Snacks or Dessert! They are good at any time.

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This is a vegetarian recipe from our first blog which was in existence from 1995 – 2006. You can browse other recipes from this blog in our Retro Recipes series.

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English Creamed Carrots with Spices

A modern take on an English classic.

Everything old is new again. This is definitely a retro English recipe, the sort of recipe that screams of the cold weather and the need for cream to make you feel comforted and warm and nourished. But it is also a lovely recipe that can be modernised to suit today’s palates.

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Stilton Cheese

Stilton, the English village, lies 70 miles north of London on the Great North Road, around the distance that a speedy horseman can travel in one day.

En route from London to Edinburgh, a horseman was fortified there by ale, bread and cheese, which was made by the local dairy farmers and stored in the cellars of Stilton’s main hostelry, the Bell Inn. Here it naturally developed its distinctive blue strain. The original recipe for Stilton is attributed to Mrs Frances Pawlett from Wymondham, a little village “near” Stilton.

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Coriander and Lemongrass “Vichyssoise” | A Cold Soup

Although I don’t make them often, I do love a cold soup in Summer.  I am convinced that we should eat more of them, as the Spanish do, to beat the heat of mid day, and of our long and “stinking hot” Summer nights.

We do make a wonderful Avocado and Celery Soup that is a cracker, and of course there is gazpacho, Roast Tomato and Corn Cold Soup and cold Borsch. And now add this Coriander and Lemongrass Vichyssoise to the list.

Elizabeth David, that writer of all things French in the mid 1900’s would turn her nose up at this recipe. Vichyssoise is a classic potato and leek cold soup made by every French housewife. When the English began to make Vichyssoise, they encountered problems. Leeks were out of season before the hot weather began.  And chives were hard to come by. So they began to replace and add a variety of ingredients – cucumbers instead of leeks, mint instead of chives, and so forth. This recipe has some echos of that tinkering.

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This recipe is one of the vegetarian recipes from our first blog which was in existence from 1995 – 2006.  You can find other recipes from that blog in our Retro Recipes series.

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Singin’ Hinny | Stove Top Scones | Griddle Scones

My goodness, I did love this recipe, producing scone-like cakes that whistled and sang as they cooked on the griddle. They were often to be found on The Table in The Kitchen, hot from the griddle and next to a large chunk of country butter.

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They are also called Singing Hinnies, Singin’ Hinnies or Singing Hinny. Traditionally they are not cut before cooking.

The recipe for this dish, as well as the Yorkshire Current Mint Pastries and the Bannocks, came from one of those sets of weekly or fortnightly publications. This one, recipes of course, was on English food and recipes. God knows why I bought them religiously. They were full of suet puddings and Yorkshire puddings, things I would never cook, even then. I cooked so few recipes from them, but loved reading them (I had a lot of English neighbours) and thinking about various flavour combinations. I am sure tips and techniques did find their way into my cooking and influence me in some way.

PS A girdle is/was a flat griddle cooking device. What an interesting name, it has always amused me.

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Oatmeal Crackers | Oatcakes | Egg Free

Crackers for a special treat.

Oatmeal crackers are a great base for cheeses, chutneys, tangy spreads. They are especially delicious with celtic sea salt sprinkled over the top.

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Parsnip and Carrot Mash

A quick, wintery mash

Parsnips at this time of the year are beautiful, soft and tender (see the soup made yesterday). This is a great mash using both parsnips and carrots.

Parsnips cook quicker than the more dense carrots, so you can either add the parsnips a little time after the carrots, or, like me, love the texture of mashed parsnips with partly mashed carrots.

This is a great dish for Thanksgiving, if you celebrate that US festival. Other Thanksgiving recipes are here.

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A Magical Spicy Parsnip and Carrot Soup with Crispy Garlic

A hearty soup complimented by crispy garlic.

Parsnips are under-rated. It has something to do with the fact that they can be woody if they are too old or bought out of season.But buy them when they are in season and at their prime, and they are wonderful winter vegetables.

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