Fennel, Potato and Tomato Salad with Garlicky Mayo

After years of not using mayonnaise in my salads (I don’t eat eggs so don’t make my own and don’t love it enough to buy it), I whipped up my Mother’s very retro eggless mayo that she always made with a can on condensed milk, white vinegar and mustard (or other flavouring).

Now we have a couple of salads that use mayo – A Quick Tomato Salad with Mustardy Mayo, and today’s salad which is sort of a wild variation on Salade Niçoise.

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Nashi Pear, Celery and Fennel Salad with Mustard Dressing and Panch Phoron Crunch

Fennel and Pears come into their own in Autumn.

Autumn brings such delightfulness in the month or two before winter sets in. Fennel comes into its own, and Nashi pears arrive. Tomatoes are delightful in the less intense heat. Fronds of mint wave in the breeze, as does lemon verbena and other herbs. I do love autumn.

This is a delightful salad that can be part of a meal, or form lunch on its own with a piece of Lebanese flatbread or pita bread.

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Fennel and Apple Salad

Perfect for a healthy Autumn.

A salad for Autumn, crisp and fresh.

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Fennel Salad with Fresh Prunes

As soon as fennel comes into season in Autumn, make this salad. The prune plums are an excellent flavour combination with the fennel.

Fennel’s crispness is so summery, it is a wonder that it is an autumn and winter vegetable. They are hard to find in Summer, but keep an eye out for good quality ones that are not too expensive. Otherwise this makes an excellent Autumnal dish on the warm autumn days.

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Grilled Fennel with Fresh Mozzarella

10 minutes and this salad is done.

Are you like me? Hate those 6pm meetings that are catered? Few vegetarian options except for chips and other deep fried snacks. I have one of those meetings tonight, but thankfully I have it licked.

Around 4pm I stopped work and made this salad. It is Nigel Slater’s originally, but I have adopted it as my own over time. I do love his way with vegetables. Simple.

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