Fettuccine con Cacio e Pepe | Fettuccine with Cheese and Pepper

Simple is great, yes? Less is more. In this pasta dish, as with many others, it is the simplicity that shines and makes for a spectacular dish. And we do keep it simple. While other recipes will argue the ratios of pepper and cheese, and how to make a sauce that is emulsified and does not split, we follow the advice of respected Italian home cooks and mix the cheese and pepper directly with the pastaΒ  together with some butter. It works and works really really well.

I have made it here with some home made eggless pasta that combines flour, semolina flour and chickpea flour and uses ground sesame seeds as a binding agent. It is really good, but of course this recipe can be made with any pasta – use piti, rigatoni, fettuccine or spaghetti. The general recommendation is that dried pasta is better with this sauce, but the robustness of this eggless pasta version stands up well to the robust flavours of pepper and parmesan.

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Don’t forget that home made eggless pasta.

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