Fresh or Dried Figs Salad with Blue Cheese

Oh Figs! How much I love Autumn because of the produce (and the colours), and figs feature so strongly in that love. But what to do when the short Fig season ends?

Middle Eastern shops often stock dried figs, lovely whole round beauties that are different to the dried figs that you might find in the supermarket. They are lovely to snack on whole, but also, when they are soaked, they taste so much like figs, with a familiar internal texture.

This salad is wonderful with fresh figs, do try it. But today we made it with soaked, dried figs. It is different, but the sweet figs with the blue cheese is so lovely. And it is great to be able to make this salad outside of fig season.

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Roasted Sweet Potato and Fresh Figs

The fig season seems so brief in Adelaide, but that might be because they are so hard to find in green groceries. It seems that as soon as they appear in the shops, the season is over.

This year I did manage to find some of the green variety of figs that ripen earlier, and then some outrageously expensive black figs. Really, I need to make friends with someone with a fig tree.

One of Ottolenghi’s dishes in Jerusalem takes advantage of the beautiful taste and texture of figs to pair them with sweet potatoes, chillies and spring onions. This is so good. I mean SO GOOD. You do need to have figs that are sweet, moist and very ripe. You can smell the sweetness.

By the way, if you have access to figs, don’t forget to dry a few dozen, for use over winter.

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Baked Figs with Thyme

This morning some eggplants were baking for a planned eggplant and yoghurt dish, and I decided to pop figs into the oven alongside the eggplants, for a great breakfast treat. These are easy – figs, thyme and olive oil. Delicious. Roasting or baking figs intensifies their sweetness. Ten minutes or so and they are ready.

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Fig Salad with Almond Butter Dressing and Slivered Almonds

Autumn means Figs

As I write it is a quiet Autumn morning – the first day of Autumn and it feels peaceful.

Figs come into their own at this time. So delicate, I only bring 3 or 4 home with me at a time, and we eat them one at a time. A delicate thing needs delicate treatment.

For this salad, you can make your own nut butter, or purchase from a good providore or grocer.

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Figs with Rosewater and Almonds

A precious gentle sweet dessert.

Figs are one of the most special fruit. This simple dessert combines flavours that go so well with them – rosewater, honey and almonds. There is no cooking involved, so the dessert (or midnight snack) is ready in minutes.

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Fig and Fresh Pecorino Salad

A fresh and inviting salad.

This salad has survived the years. It came about because I had some figs sitting on the kitchen bench, and some left over fresh pecorino. In a hurry, I threw them together in a salad with glorious results.

Figs, surprisingly, take acid very well, rocket too, so be generous with the lemon or lime juice.

The salad is fresh and inviting, and we have been known to have it for a Late Summer breakfast with a cup of coffee. Enjoy!

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We first made this dish in 2003, and it has survived the test of time. Feel free to browse other recipes from our Retro Recipes series – vegetarian recipes from our first blog from 1995 – 2006.

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Fig and Almond Salad | Prune Plum and Almond Salad

Figs have an affinity for balsamic vinegar. There is something special about that combination. Add red onion, celery and almonds.

There is something about eating healthily that you can feel. It manifests quite tangibly in your body. Strong fingernails, healthy shiny hair. And in your emotions – more positive, more energy, more focused. Healthy for me means eating a constant variety of fresh tasty ingredients, little (almost no) alcohol, almost no caffeinated coffee and being vegetarian. I love the Indian focus on including the six tastes in each meal. There is little take away food in my diet and little processed foods, although my weaknesses are potato chips, corn chips and chocolate.

It does take a focus on food shopping and preparation – the cycles and rhythms of the kitchen – but I can see the difference in those periods where I am eating less fruit and vegetables and more junk food. Thankfully I love to cook.

You might also enjoy Fig Salad with Blue Cheese.

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Seasonal Cooking | Quick Spring Salads

In Spring we begin to long for lighter food.

Spring is definitely in the air even though the weather is still catching up. But suddenly we want lighter foods, more salads, crisp, green and gorgeous. Try the following quick Spring Delights.

You can also find dozens of salads to try here and here. Or if you are after Spring dishes, explore our Early Spring, Mid Spring, and Late Spring recipes.

Spring brings to us such fresh ingredients after the cold of winter. They can be dressed simply and enjoyed during this period where the gentle warmth of Spring means gentle flavours, and bright, young vegetables that can be eaten raw or quickly sauteed or steamed.

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