Schiacciata with Cheese Topping

If Focaccia is half way between pizza and bread, then Schiacciata is half way between Focaccia and Pizza. It is flat and usually infused beautifully with olive oil.

Originally cooked in the ashes of the hearth, schiacciata, meaning squashed, is flat and 2 – 3 cm thick (but can be thinner). Variations of the bread are made throughout Italy. In Tuscany, it is simply brushed with olive oil and sprinkled with salt. Herbs such as rosemary can be added. A sweet version with grapes and sugar is also made.

This recipe with onion and cheese is great weekday lunch-at-home fare, even for Sunday night supper. It is great with a hearty soup. Maybe Onion Soup would be fabulous. In late Summer, pair it with ripe, bursting figs and celebrate the end of summer.

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Three Focaccia Recipes

Focaccia is my go-to bread when I want to bake bread reasonably quickly. Here are three more recipes to try.

Similar recipes include Schiacciata with Cheese Topping, Cooking Focaccia on the BBQ, and Rosemary Focaccia.

This recipe is one of the vegetarian recipes from our first blog which was in existence from 1995 – 2006. You can see more of the Retro Recipes series, our vegetarian recipes from that first blog.

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What is in your flour?

Do you ever wonder what is in the flour you buy? Read on…..


I have never thought about the ingredients flour. I have always assumed that it is the pure result of grinding a grain or lentil, with extra gluten sometimes added to wheat flour.

A few weeks ago I bought a pizza and focaccia flour from a bulk health store, and made wonderful pasta and focaccia from it. It was so good, especially the pasta. Today I went back to the shop to replenish my stock, thinking of making pasta again.

Wandering around the endless array of different flours, musing about how to incorporate some of them into my pasta recipe, I eventually came to the tub containing the Pizza and Focaccia flour. Listed on the tub were the ingredients – wheat flour and soya flour. A little surprised at this, I read on. Emulsifiers, colouring agents, flavouroids, some other chemically named ingredients that I had no idea about.

I was really surprised and it reinforced for me how complacent we are about the common ingredients that we use. I will be reading labels of flours more closely from now on.

When I checked my supermarket-purchased and well used packets of plain flour at home, the ingredient list specifies wheat only. It seems the specialist and bread flours contain the additives. Please check carefully.

Do you read labels of common ingredients?



Cooking Focaccia on the BBQ

The scent of bread wafting from the covered BBQ.

There is something so special about the scent of bread cooking – and when it is cooked in the BBQ the aroma floats from our balcony over to¬† our neighbour’s. I am sure they wonder what we were up to.

Cooking bread in the BBQ does produce a different texture than when you cook it in the oven, but it is gorgeous and so good and easy. Cook the focaccia first, and when you take it out, cook your other dishes in the BBQ as the bread cools.

Similar recipes include Sweet Potato Bread with Raisins and Walnuts. Schiacciata with Cheese Topping.

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No Knead Focaccia | Bread in an Hour

Sensational Bread in an Hour

I am a great fan of the slow rise, no-knead bread that takes all day or more to prepare and cook. Not that there is much to do to the bread dough during that time, but sometimes, just sometimes, all that fore planning, well, you know…. you just want bread NOW. Fresh. Hot. Just out of the oven.

Well, it is possible.

This is another of the recipes I have made for many many years. It makes a great central piece to a Sunday lunch with friends or a Sunday dinner in front of the TV. We mostly make it flat, stretching the dough out to fit our pan, but it can be cooked as a small loaf, as you see from the pics.

Similar recipes include Schiacciata with Cheese Topping, Cooking Focaccia on the BBQ, and Rosemary Focaccia.

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Rosemary Focaccia

A beautiful focaccia from the experts.

The act of eating focaccia is traditional and almost primal – tearing pieces from a large focaccia slab, dipping it into oil or gravy, and relishing the flavours both baked into the focaccia and those which adorn it at the table. For years our special family dinners included a large focaccia that sat in the centre of the large table, with family helping themselves during the meal. It is also great to take on picnics.

Similar recipes include Schiacciata with Cheese Topping.

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