The Ultimate Cooler – Pineapple Juice with Strawberries, Coconut and Lime

Our weather this year has seen bees and koalas dying in the heat, and tiny fruit forming drop from the trees. It has been a wicked Summer. For the first time ever I am without coriander leaves as they have burnt to a crisp.

In the heat of the Summer one of our favourite coolers is a pineapple based drink with citrus and strawberries, finished off with cooling coconut milk. I like it in the evenings with a touch of alcohol too. We rarely drink alcohol, it is just our preference, but this is one drink that will tempt me on a 40C+ day.

Similar drinks include Nimbu Sherbet, Tamarind Summer Cooler, Roasted Green Mango Drink, and Ginger Cooler.

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Cumquats and Gin

These little balls of sour goodness, soaked in Gin, make a great sweet preserve.

How can you not love cumquats, those little balls of sour goodness. Hard to find in this part of the world in shops, you have to know the location of a tree or have a good (Italian) neighbour. I was lucky this year, finding 2 trees in public spaces, and as few people know the delights of these golden globes, they were not much in demand. I came home with a basket full. This year I made Cumquats in Gin, and Cumquat Chutney.

You might also like to try Divine Cumquat Marmalade or Pickled Cumquats, or try some other jam – Crabapple and Pomegranate Jelly with Rosebuds.

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Gin and Tonic with Chilli

Sometimes, a gal just needs a gin and tonic.

Tonight, for the first time in ages, I am sitting outside in a 30C lovely summer’s evening, on the balcony overlooking the hills, sipping a (Bombay) Gin and Tonic. But with a twist.

Did you know that a a piece of chilli added to a jug of cold water adds a refreshing taste without adding chilli heat? It does the same to a glass of Gin and Tonic.

So with the twist of lemon, add a twist of chilli. That’s it!

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