Collection: Farinata, Socca, Pudla, Cheela, Giant Pakora – Making Chickpea Flour Pancakes

Many parts of the world have pancakes, fritters, or thicker, baked “pan” cakes that are made from chickpea flour and water. In these variations, an infinite array of flavourings are added to the base – spices and herbs; thinly sliced vegetables such as onion, tomatoes, and zucchini, beans sprouts; coriander leaves to give a fresh crisp punch; basil or parsley oil is a terrific addition.

The various versions of the chickpea pancake – farinata in Italy, socca in France, pudla or cheela in India – are often found in the streets of cities and at roadside stalls in the rural areas. They are served on parchment paper or piece of banana leaf, and devoured hot on the spot.

The batter can be made several days before using, so plan ahead and use spare moments to mix the batter, ready for a quick snack or a mezze dish.  Mix up a double amount, and make pancakes one day, and baked chickpea pizza a day or two later. Divine.

See below for a range of pancake recipes made from chickpea flour batter. Or browse all of our Farinata and Pudla. Alternatively, explore our other Late Autumn dishes.

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Farinata with Onions and Tomatoes | Baked Chickpea Flour Batter

Devilishly more-ish.

Farinata is simply wonderful. It is a Besan (chickpea flour)-based baked dish that is wonderfully flexible with the ingredients that can be incorporated. Much like the Indian Pudla (Cheella/Puda), except farinata is baked in the oven rather than pancake-like fritters cooked on the stove top.

Today a simple dish indeed, using what was available on the kitchen bench. Simple maybe. Delicious definitely. Devilishly More-ish.

Farinata is good as a snack, for lunch with a salad, or even for breakfast.

Similar recipes include Chickpea Flour Socca, Farinata and Pudla.

Chickpea flour (besan, or gram flour) is very versatile. Have a look at our recipes using chickpea flour. Or browse our Italian recipes. Be inspired by our Late-Summer dishes.

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