Pasta with a Cauliflower Sauce

Secrets from an Italian Kitchen


I have been reading the book The Everlasting Meal . The thing about The Everlasting Meal is that it has me thinking a lot about my approach to the kitchen. It resonates a lot. Yet, Tamar discusses a very Mediterranean-Italian approach to food so there are differences. I have been discussing her book with my Italian friends, and discovering more and more secrets. Like this one — and it amazes me that this is not general knowledge in Australia, given that we have adopted so much of the Italian approach to food here. Italian in Australia is like Indian in the UK.

One of her pieces of advice is to use cooking water over and over again, cooking from the least starchy to the most starchy. It sounds sensible, doesn’t it, yet even in my childhood home which must have been one of the most frugal around, even in my Grandmother’s home where all the water came from the farm dam, we did not do this.

It is like a revelation.

Not only does it help with taste, it is also the wonderful salty water that is reused and reused. (Tamar is not afraid of salt, such a refreshing change!)

So following her advice, I cooked pasta in the cauliflower water.

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Grilled Vegetables on the BBQ | Quick Meals

The easiest way to use a BBQ.

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Haydari | A Turkish Yoghurt Dip

A Turkish Dip

Haydari is a thick dip and spread made from strained yoghurt which is called suzme in Turkish. It is very much like the Middle Eastern labne. Spread it on toast or flat breads, or serve with salads or chargrilled vegetables and tofu.

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