Indian Essentials: Achaar, Indian Pickles

Indian Pickles, or Achaar, are those confusing, often salty, wonderful, fiery accompaniments to any Indian meal.  Did you wonder what Indian pickles are and why they are so different to European pickles? There is no equivalent of Indian pickles anywhere else in the world and no Indian meal is complete without them. Pickles range in taste, texture and colour so it is easy suit every palate and every meal, and they range from hot to sour to salty or sweet. There are thousands of different pickles – spicy green chilli pickles, sweet and sour berry pickles, salty lemon and lime pickles, tender raw mango pickles, oily carrot pickles, pickles tossed with fenugreek and cardamom, yellow cauliflower pickles… Continue reading “Indian Essentials: Achaar, Indian Pickles”