Mung Bean Soup with Asparagus and Tomatoes

Some people LOVE a glass of wine when they get home from work. I love a cup of whole green mung bean soup.

Some people LOVE a glass of wine when they get home from work. I love a cup of whole green mung bean soup. This version is definitely suited for Spring.

Before work, I will put the mung beans in the slow cooker with spices, to cook until I get home. When I arrive home, I tip the contents into a saucepan and let it simmer for 10 minutes – I think it improves the flavour to do this – and add any vegetables that I fancy (this is an optional step) and adjust flavours of the spices. Sometimes I want it hot and tangy, sometimes without heat and more warming and nourishing. Either way, this is a comforting, detoxing, healthy and definitely delicious soup.

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Turtle Bean Soup | Black Bean Soup

Ready when you walk in the door of an evening.

My friend calls this Goth Soup. It is a dark dark soup that provides such great joie de vivre on a cold night.

This  recipe for Turtle Beans (also called Black Beans) can be slow cooked either in the Rice Cooker on the slow-cook setting, in a dedicated slow cooker, or on the stove. Turtle Beans have a dense, earthy texture and flavour, slightly salty and reminiscent of mushrooms. It can be served as a thick soup, or served like a lentil stew over rice.

The recipe is the slow cooked version, but it can be adapted for the stove top. I have also made this soup with whole masoor – whole red lentils – with great success. I would guess that means it would also work with Beluga Beans Horse Gram, and du Puy Lentils.

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Spicy Rustic Red Lentil Soup with Thick Thick Yoghurt

In my palette of dried beans and lentils, it is the red lentil that is used least of all. I am not sure why. Its colour is lively, it is so easy to cook, does not require previous soaking and it falls to a wonderful creamy mush as it cooks. Perfect for when there is never enough time.

Red lentils were one of the four pulses commonly available as I was growing up – red lentils, split peas,  yellow split peas, barley – and was often thrown by the handful into overcooked soups and stews, left bland and forgotten at the bottom of the dish in an era when spices and herbs were not to be found in any Proper Country Australian Housewife’s kitchen. These women knew how to cook vegetables and meat for their men, but not “these dried things”.

That certainly has changed. This red lentil, called Masoor Dal in India, has a solid place in the pantry now. It is not to be confused with Toor Dal, commonly called Red Gram or Red Lentils in Indian recipes.

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Red Lentil Soup with Spices, Ginger and Garlic

Garlicky soup for you, and your partner.

This recipe is a bit famous in our household, a recipe that we have used over the years (since 1997), and laugh about the supposed garlickiness of it. But don’t skimp on the garlic. It is worth every clove. (Actually, because the garlic cooks out, you don’t taste it in the way you might expect.) This is a hearty soup, great for cold cold weather. Roughly chop the ingredients for a rustic farmhouse soup, or chop them finely for a more refined bowl.

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Two Gentle Golden Mung Soupy Dals | Sada Moong Dal and Kara Moong Dal

Especially good for sensitive times.

Sometimes we want a break from spice heat, right? We want to be coddled by our food. We are feeling a little sensitive, a little vulnerable, and long for something gentle and delicious that will make us feel loved and supported and a little bit in heaven.

I have the dish for you. You are welcome.

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