No More Words

I’ve been blogging since 1995, and have loved every minute. My interest is food and culture, ingredients and combinations. These things have driven my passion rather than the finer and technical details of cooking and presenting. I call myself a rustic cook, throwing into a dish spoonfuls of my own powders and pastes to layer flavour, or heaping handfuls of herbs on top of a dish. I love to bake in terracotta and cook in clay pots. I love the early morning silence of the kitchen and the hubbub that develops during the day.


I have blogged through study times and working times, the young family times, through the end-of-marriage times, through the alone times and friends time. I have blogged through children leaving home and living overseas. Through the next generation arriving and through them growing up. I have blogged through four different residences in 3 different cities, through setting up my own business and working hard at it.

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