Roughly Mashed Parsnips with Olive Oil and Parmesan

Luxurious and nourishing, a Winter dish

Parsnips are a wonder in winter – slightly sweet, beautifully tender. Once Spring comes, parsnips become more woody and starchy and are less successful. Make this mash when parsnips are at their peak. It is deliciously indulgent and nourishing.

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Cumquat Oil and Cumquat Butter | Citrus Oil and Citrus Butter

Use your left over cumquats to make this exquisite salad oil.

A bag of exquisite cumquats lasted and lasted, being turned into everything that I could think of. They were a joy. Sometimes we pick our own from trees on public land around the city (but more and more these are disappearing). Sometimes friends ply us with their harvest when they have no idea what to do with them. I feel compelled to make as many things as I can with them just to prove that there is more to cumquats than Cumquat Jam. I make teas with them, dehydrate some, place them in the pan as vegetables bake or cook a la grecque. They are used in place of lemons, squeezing a dozen into a soup or sambar or dal. I love these little bright orange balls.

In this recipe I focus on cumquats, but any citrus can be used.

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Olive Oil Bread with Parsley and Dill | A Mediterranean Feast

An aromatic, fragrantly spicy olive oil brioche, ideal for sandwiches.


Mediterranean Vegetarian Feasts

I have been looking at the book Mediterranean Vegetarian Feasts, by Aglaia Kremezi. I have had it for ages but have not spent much time with it. It initially presents as a puzzle of a book that, despite having VEGETARIAN in its title, feels free to regularly refer to non-vegetarian accompaniments and optional non-vegetarian additions to the recipes. A more accurate title might be Vegetable Dishes for Mediterranean Feasts.

It is a little thing, but it had delayed my delving into the book in the kitchen. The dishes all look amazing, true, but I was overly conscious that I had thought that I had bought a vegetarian cookbook, and felt somewhat fooled.

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Easy Panfried Potatoes

Simple! Let them cook on the stove while you potter around the kitchen.

An easy dish for end of week cooking, or at any time. The potatoes are so delicious it is difficult to avoid eating them out of the pan.

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Fennel a la Grecque | Fennel Slow Cooked in French-Greek Style

Fennel is delicious raw, but sometimes I love to cook it too. Here is an easy dish, a gentle dish, full of gentle flavours.

Fennel is delicious raw, but equally as good cooked. Here is an easy dish, a gentle dish, full of gentle flavours.

The fennel is cooked loooong and slow in herbs and olive oil for a beautiful, soft dish so well paired with the soft and creamy Persian feta. Use goats cheese or fresh buffalo mozzarella if you cant get Persian feta.

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Courgettes a la Grecque | Zucchini Cooked in Greek Style | A Rustic, Cold dish.

A perfect dish for hot weather

I love early morning cooking on hot days, if cooking must be done at all.  5 or 6 am is really the only comfortable time to put pot on stove. So dishes that can be eaten cold later in the day are ideal.

This recipe is a cracker. I found some scribbled notes once when I was going through my recipe paper files. And I can tell you this is good! One of Greece’s amazing and simple dishes. {Update: I later found the source. It is a dish from Elizabeth David’s French Provincial Cooking.}

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Cauliflower Slow Cooked with Lime and Spices | Cauliflower a la Grecque

Cauliflower slow cooked a la Grecque for hot summer day eating.

Let’s face it, days and days of 45C (113F) temperatures does not leave a lot of energy for cooking. It is days of cucumber sandwiches (albeit with French butter, Celtic sea salt and just-ground pepper), iced coffee and buckets of icecream.

If early mornings allow, slow cooking of cauliflower in oil and flavourings is essential preparation for the day, as is grilling of slices of large zucchini to be stuffed between bread with the same French butter, goat’s cheese and diced tomatoes. Eat with a cup of icy cold herbal tea.

Similar dishes include Roasted Cauliflower Salad with Hazelnuts and PomegranateRoasted Cauliflower and White Bean Puree, A Plate of Perfect Cauliflower, and Pasta with a Cauliflower Sauce.

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Pizza on the BBQ

Sometimes, only a pizza will do.

Sometimes, only a pizza will do. Sometimes the comfort of carbs and the take-away feel are the things that are required. When such attacks come, make a pizza. For ease, make it in a covered BBQ, such as a Weber Q.

Similar recipes include Schiacciata, and Potato and Garlic Pizza.

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Grilled Sweet Peppers and Eggplant Salad

A simple dish, exquisite in its simplicity. The sweetness of the peppers with the texture of the eggplant brings an element of surprise to the table.

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Peperoni in Padella | Roasted Red Peppers Salad

A simple dish with sweetness of red capsicums for the heat of summer

On hot days you need quick and easy food that is light and cooling. Make some Red Peppers in Oil and then go to the beach.

You will also enjoy Capsicum with Feta and Kidney Beans, Grilled and Oiled Eggplants and Peppers, and Sweet Red Pepper Salads. Perhaps even try drying capsicums for winter snacks. All Capsicum recipes are here and here, and Salads here and here. Our Italian recipes are here and here. Find inspiration in our Summer recipes here and here.

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