Black Pepper Garlic Broccoli with Mustard Seeds and Curry Leaves

If you follow our blog (hello to all of our lovely followers!) you will know how much we love broccoli. Particularly pan-roasted broccoli. This time we have turned it into an Indian style dish, with black pepper as its major flavouring.  It is delicious!

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My Italian Providore’s Vermicelli Pasta with Charred Broccoli

I have mentioned my Italian helpmate to you before, waxing lyrical about my lovely Italian providore – she is always full of good hints, tips and general information. I get all my pasta from there. Not that it is particularly better than anywhere else, but there are ALWAYS stories and tips to go with the packet of (essentially) dried flour and water.

When I picked up some vermicelli pasta for a minestrone soup, she told me how much she loves vermicelli with broccoli. Not much else needed, she said. And, well, she is right. You will love the simplicity of this dish and it will become your favourite Friday night pasta dish.

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Pan Roasted Broccoli (with Preserved Lemon)

Do you remember how, years ago, before roasting broccoli in the oven became so fashionable, we threw florets into a hot pan with oil and butter? We let the broccoli cook for about 4 mins for a perfectly cooked and highly flavoursome dish. The broccoli half steams in its own juices and half roasts with the oil and butter. The result is soft, almost creamy broccoli with charred, toasty spots.  Why did we ever stop using this method?

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