Okra Patia | Parsi Okra with Tomatoes

Here we are with another Okra dish, this time from the Parsi cuisine. It is a Patia, or Patio, dish, which cooks the okra in a thick tomato and spice base. In this recipe, we saute the okra before adding to the tomato base towards the end of cooking. You can also saute the okra quickly and add earlier in the cooking for a more traditional approach.

We took the outline of the Patia recipe from My Bombay Kitchen, and adjusted the recipe, substituting okra for the non-vegetarian items. You could also use eggplant with this recipe.

Parsi dishes are always delicious. Try Parsi Kitchari, and Vermicelli Payasam.

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Parsi Kitchari | Khichuri

A gentler Kitchari, a Parsi recipe

This version of Kitchari is a very simple dish. Simple it is indeed, but also perfect. It comes from the book My Bombay Kitchen by Niloufer King. I love kitchari and exploring kitchari recipes. The only spice in the tadka in this recipe is cumin, and the taste and crunch of the cumin against the rice and dal is amazing. I do hope you enjoy it.

Note that there are many English alternate spellings of Kitchadi — khichdi, kitchari, khichri, khichdee, khichadi, khichuri, khichari, kitcheree, kitchree, khichdi, and many other variants, and each Indian language has it’s own variation e.g. Hindi खिचड़ी khicṛī, Urdu: کھچڑی‎ khicṛī, Oriya: ଖେଚେଡ଼ି khecheṛi, Bengali: খিচুড়ী khichuṛi, Gujarati: ખીચડી khichḍi. It is also known as Pongal in Sth India.

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Sevai Kheer | Vermicelli Payasam

A delicious dessert from a Parsi lady.

There is a fabulous cook in Sydney, a Persian (Irani) lady from the North of India, who cooks a mean yoghurt curry and this lovely dessert. She is an Ayurvedic healer and Bowen therapist and I love her work. You will enjoy this dessert.

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Indian Essentials: How to Cook a Simple Kitchari | Parsi Kitchari

The simplest, but awesomely flavoured, kitchari

Kitchari is a comforting, healthy and nutritious dish from the North of India. It has many variations, from simply spiced to heavily spiced. This is a recipe from the Parsi community of India. A simply spiced dish, it is flavoursome and delicious.

Kitchari is generally made from rice cooked with a dal; the dal is usually Mung Dal but it can vary. Kitchari can be made with long grain rice, in which case it is a loose dish, almost like a pilaf, or with a stickier short grain rice, resulting in a more dense, compact dish where the rice and dal have collapsed into each other. This recipe is best made with short grain rice, e.g. sona masori, but if you don’t have short grain rice to hand, it can be made with a longer grain rice.  The texture will be different with longer grained rice – it does not collapse so much when cooked in kitchari – but the result will still be delicious and enjoyable.

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