Easy Summery Weekend Breakfast and Brunch Dishes

Think outside the box for Breakfast, especially in Summer.

Prepare your breakfast dishes, make a large pot of coffee, set the table on the verandah, deck, or under the grapevines, take the newspaper or a book, and enjoy a leisurely Summer breakfast.

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Peach Salsa with Marinated Tofu

Let’s celebrate Summer with its perfect stone fruits – and Peaches reign supreme during the Summer months. This is a quick and easy salsa with peaches. It can be used in any way you like, but here we have paired it with marinated tofu. The tofu is definitely optional – for example the salsa would go well with haloumi, or in lovely little lettuce cups. It would make a light lunch with some Middle Eastern flatbread. Chunks of watermelon, slightly salted, with the Peach Salsa on the side.

Tofu has a wonderful ability to absorb flavours and marinating it is such a pleasurable way to turn blandness into flavourful nuggets.

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Strawberry and Peach Lassi with Basil

You know what? In hot weather I love a lassi, particularly a fruit lassi, for breakfast. Indian in origin, fruit lassi drinks mix yoghurt with fruit, spices and jaggery or sugar.

Today, there were peaches on the kitchen bench, strawberries in the fridge and basil in the garden. A beautiful breakfast was born in the shape of a lassi.

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Watermelon and Peach Salad with Basil

This salad will change your mind about using watermelon in savoury ways

Goodness, how good watermelon is in the Summer. But we rarely use it in a savoury way. Rather, the mind brings images of slurping great arcs of watermelon at the beach, the juice running down your chin and arms.

But watermelon accepts acidic ingredients very well – limes, lemons, salt etc. And therefore making salads with it for those 45C days of Australian Summers is a perfect solution to the heat. Along with a Gin and Tonic, of course.

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Tomato and Peach Salad

An exceptional salad of the best of summer fruits – tomatoes and peaches.

Long Summery days continue, although it is noticeably darker in the mornings now. Temps still soar and cool food is always best. This recipe combines the best of summer. Tomatoes and peaches.

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Peaches with Asian Flavours

Summer and Peaches, there is no better match.

Summer and Peaches, there is no better match. Usually we eat them whole, or sliced and cold from the fridge. They are rarely placed over any heat source in our house, but this recipe is an exception.

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