Cheese and Eggplant Torte | Cheesy Eggplant Layers

Yet another divine use for eggplant – such a versatile vegetable. This time it is a cheesy torte – eggplants layered, Italian style, with cheeses, baked, allowed to rest and firm up, then cut into wedges to serve. What could be better? It makes a great lunch or supper, or works very well in a tapas spread, mezze or antipasto. It even makes a great any-time snack.

Eggplant is so flexible, and very variation tastes so good. You can bake it, simmer it, stuff it, crumb it, steam it, BBQ it, grill it, roast it, saute it and deep fry it. I hope you try some of these recipes.

It makes great Indian style Chutney, Curries, Salads, Fritters, Pasta Sauces, Rice dishes, and gentle dishes.

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Currant Mint Pastries

In celebration of the birthday of this blog, I am publishing some of my old recipes. We began blogging in 1996, and this blog was created in 2007.


To cook is to be a sorcerer. – Alma Lach

Original quote from the front page of my first Recipe and Cooking Blog

Way back in 1996 I began putting my recipes online. Things were different then. The internet was still young. There were no blogging platforms. You needed to know how to write html and debug funny little errors in the postscript that was generated for printer files. There was no food porn. No photographs. Just words to describe your dishes.

You may like to browse all of the Retro Recipes. Our Dessert recipes are here and here. Be inspired by our Winter recipes here and here.

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